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As the name Kismi is youthful, we focused on the youth: BK Rao of Parle Products

The brand launched its first commercial, ‘Har Kismi mein hai kiss’, two years back. Taking forward the positioning, Thoughtshop Advertising has conceptualised a new campaign targeting the youth

Akansha Mihir Mota | Mumbai | December 7, 2016

Kismi Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Parle Products has launched a new TVC for its brand Kismi to target the youth. Thoughtshop Advertising and Film Productions came up with an idea to go the emoji way in the latest campaign. Keeping the earlier positioning, the agency has a refreshing twist for teenagers, who are glued to their mobile phones and very often use emojis to convey emotions.

BK Rao BK Rao

BestMediaInfo caught up with BK Rao, Deputy Marketing Manager, Parle Products, and Vipin Dhyani, Founder and Chief Creative Director of ThoughtShop Advertising, to know more about the brand and its latest commercial.

Dhyani said, “The brief was to do one more commercial with the same positioning, ‘Har Kismi mein hai kiss’, established by the brand. We didn’t change the positioning because the brand has this youthful equity and people know it from its previous positioning. Also, a media budget had been invested in the earlier positioning and campaign.”

Vipin Dhyani Vipin Dhyani

Dhyani said, “Working on Parle Products is always exciting. Since this commercial has a teenager connect we came up with the concept where a couple is shown having a tiff. The guy tries to pacify his friend but it doesn’t help, so here the Kismi emojis come as a rescuer. The Eureka moment is when we see the couple back together.”

The agency shared with the client a few emotional and humorous ideas. Parle Products selected this format because the youth is interested in social media and digital communication. Whenever they are not able to convey emotions on phone, they use emojis.

In the commercial, the girl throws the bouquet out of her balcony as she is upset with her boyfriend. To woo his girlfriend, he sends her emoticons on phone. In the beginning she snaps a bit but later agrees when the boy sends her a Kismi picture. The ad doesn’t have dialogues, which also works when the television is on mute.

Dhyani added, “I wanted to show the boy as a scout guy and the girl stuck in her house. But the client wanted to make it look more aspirational and fairy tale like. Therefore, we shot it in Bangkok. The film was shot in a day.”

The brand has earlier been promoting itself on print but two years back the company felt the need and came out with the brand’s first commercial, conceptualised by Everest Brand Solutions.

Explaining why they haven’t advertised before, Rao said, “We have earlier never promoted the brand, it flew from the shelves on its own. Till four years ago, it was available for 25 paisa. When we launched the 50 paisa version of Kismi, we started advertising it aggressively. Then we did a TVC. Before that we promoted it on print media. The brand was earlier not promoted on television as it was not earning enough revenue back then. Later we shifted to the Re 1 slot for the brand because we felt it might not be viable two to three years later.”

A year ago, a few flavours like Rajbhog, Kulfi and Rose Milk were launched first by test marketing. Four months ago, the flavours were launched nationwide.

The first positioning for the brand was done two years back with the commercial ‘Har Kismi mein hai kiss’. Rao said, “We thought that the name can itself lend to the overall brand proposition. We initially thought of targeting kids but the name Kismi is very youthful. That is why we zeroed in on the youth.”

Until four years ago, the product mostly had its demand from the rural market. But now, the company is consciously trying to focus on the urban market. Geographically, the brand has good demand from North and West of India. Kismi is over a Rs 100 crore brand and forms less than 1 per cent of the business for Parle.

The brand intends to do something big on the digital front around Valentine's Day next year. The current commercial will continue for the next two years. The ad is mostly shown on youth-based shows and GECs and music channels.

The TVC:



Creative agency: Thoughtshop Advertising

Director: Vipin Dhyani,

Offline Editor: AS Sujith

Online Editor: Arjun Sharma

Post Production Studio: Future Works

Music Director: Jolly Jose

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