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DSP BlackRock shows how investing in mutual funds is not a difficult task

The asset management company’s #aagebadho campaign, conceptualised by Publicis Capital, educates people on the importance of investing in mutual funds through five ad films

DSP BlackRock shows how investing in mutual funds is not a difficult task

The asset management company’s #aagebadho campaign, conceptualised by Publicis Capital, educates people on the importance of investing in mutual funds through five ad films

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | November 25, 2016

DSP-BlackRock Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Asset management company, DSP BlackRock Investment Managers, launched its new multi-platform investor education campaign ‘Aap thoda karoge, bahut aage badhoge’. Conceptualised by ad agency Publicis Capital, the ad campaign aims at encouraging people to spend time to take informed investment decisions and empower themselves with the right knowledge.

This multi-platform ad campaign is part of a comprehensive and innovative investor education initiative comprising a combination of traditional and modern media, including outdoor, television, digital and social and will be released in a phased manner.

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund will utilise the audio-visual ad format with a range of five films along with a still-advertisement format for outdoor and digital media to urge people to make a small start today, by learning about investing and mutual funds. The ad campaign directs the audience to visit the AMC’s new gamified investor education portal,, to start learning and also brings out the role of investment advisors.

Aditi Kothari Desai Aditi Kothari Desai

Aditi Kothari Desai, Head, Sales, E-Business and Marketing, DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund, said, “As a digital-focused asset management firm, DSP BlackRock is committed to helping the maximum number of Indians become smarter investors by helping them make better informed decisions about their money and investing. This is why we launched our new investor education portal recently and welcome the addition of this learning portal to our considerable portfolio of websites, including our new corporate website and the B2B and B2C transactional websites, and

Now, the first step even before the actual education process is to build awareness regarding the need to think about investing and subsequently devote appropriate time and attention to this activity. Our hard hitting advertisements across various topics will help our audience think about the need to invest and about mutual funds and hopefully inspire them to make a start today.”

Abhik Sanyal Abhik Sanyal

Abhik Sanyal, Head, Consumer Marketing, DSP BlackRock, said, ‘Aap thoda karoge, bahut aage badhoge’, or #aagebadho, is based on the simple insight that we all have the drive and ambition to do something big, but it’s misdirected at times towards frivolous activities. When done right and channelized correctly, the same effort, the same small steps taken today can propel one towards incredible prosperity tomorrow. Our slice-of-life advertisements are only the first part of the puzzle though. While this campaign will help people identify the need to think about investing, our new investor education portal will help the user continue the journey towards becoming smarter investors, so that when they speak with an investment advisor, they would already have some amount of knowledge.”

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund also launched its new investor education portal, This platform will use an innovative ‘gamified’ approach to enable investors to learn various aspects of personal finance in a way that is relevant and engaging, in a self-timed and self-guided manner. It works across desktop, tablet and mobile devices seamlessly.

The mobile ad film emphasises that if we take so much care before buying a phone then we should also research a lot before buying mutual funds.

In the holiday ad also, the same plot is carried forward and it talks about if we plan and save so much for the holidays, then why not for mutual funds, which will ultimately benefit us after retirement.

The shoes ad says if we have so many varieties of shoes for different occasions then why not a diversified portfolio of investment.

The dance commercial promotes the Systematic Investment Plan. When we put so much energy and time in learning dance by taking small steps, similarly why not invest systematically in mutual funds.

The dating ad film tells the importance of an investment advisor. If we can hire a dating expert for his advice on dating skills, then why not an investment advisor for investment skills.

DSP BlackRock Investment Managers, a Joint Venture between the DSP Group and BlackRock, is one of the premier asset management companies in India. The DSP group has a track record of over 150 years and through its investment companies owns a 60 per cent stake in the joint venture.

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Advertising Agency: Publicis Capital

Creative Team: Dheeraj Renganath, Natwar Singh, Swasti Ray & Namrata Patnaik

Client Servicing: Hemant Misra, Suraj Pombra, Anish Raghu, Garima Mundra

Films Team: Jignesh Maru, Pooja Talwar

Production House: Native Films

Director (film): Jaydeep Sarkar

Producer: Prithvi Luthra, Surashmi Basu, Radhika Puri

Media Agency: Motivator (Television), Milestone Brandcom (Outdoor), VML (Digital)

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