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Bindaas positions itself as a storyteller and platform agnostic brand

The channel is all set to launch 10 shows on its 10th year of existence with a brand new 3D look and logo

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | November 4, 2016


The Hindi youth GEC Bindaas has made a grand entry in its 10th year of existence by announcing new 3D packaging and launch of 10 shows. The channel will have a new look and feel through fresh packaging with a 3D logo and new content from November 5.

Nikhil Gandhi Nikhil Gandhi

Nikhil Gandhi, VP, Revenues, Media Networks, Disney India, said, “This time around in the packaging, we have explored the 3D medium, which Bindaas has never done before. The channel has already experimented with live and graphic environments before. The channel’s look is turning into 3D and for the first time we have tried to give it a new dimension.”

The channel wants to be a storyteller. Gandhi said, “In last 10 years, we have grown with the fabric of young India. In last one or two years specifically, ever since we have moved into a hyper social media interface target audience, we have realised that we are not just a television channel, but we are a platform agnostic brand, whether it is a small screen, large screen, tab or a phone. Bindaas will be available across any platform.”

Gandhi added, “From a six-second video to a full length feature film, you can expect anything coming from a Bindaas table as long as it is within the brand tagline that we follow.”

Vijay Subramaniam Vijay Subramaniam

On entering the 10th year of the channel’s existence, Vijay Subramaniam, VP, Content and Communications, Media Networks, said, “On one hand, television and its measurement and its impact on youth viewership has been debated and discussed. What is not discussed is the engagement the youth brand Bindaas has created with the audience. They don’t necessarily reflect in absolute numbers, but if you were to look at the level of how young people relate and identify with us as their exclusive space is a clear demonstration. The other big indicator is the amount of love Bindaas gets on social media.”

After the success of the show ‘Girl in the city’, the channel plans to leverage the same launch platform, Facebook, to bring out to the world its new property: The second season of ‘Beg, Borrow Steal’ on November 4. The show will be first launched on Facebook and later on television on November 5 and YouTube.

Explaining the reason for the launch of ‘Beg, Borrow, Steal’ first on Facebook and then on TV, Gandhi said, “Here it’s more about getting the eyeballs. We monetise across all the platforms through ad sales we get on YouTube, on air and Facebook. The show is syndicated in other countries where there is demand of such content. Our content is travelling across the world. Our monetisation model has gone into a different zone altogether.”

The channel is also launching another show called ‘The Trip’ starring Mallika Dua, Lisa Hayden, Sapna Pabbi and Shweta Tripathi. It is coming of age story of four girls who are best friends who go on a road trip from Delhi to Thailand. The show is going to hit the screens on December 15.

Five shows of the channel are already in the production stage. They intend to bring the Season 2 of ‘Girl in the City’.

The official sponsors of the show ‘Beg Borrow, Steal’ are Ossum and Airtel. Lakme, Ford EcoSport and Myntra are the sponsors of the show and the channel is in the process of signing more brands.

Gandhi further said, “Bindaas enjoys a lot of credibility with the brands. We have been with them for a decade now and they have partnered with us in future endeavours. We are bringing to them a whole new sense of freshness. We have for the first time seen different brands coming on board with a different thought process altogether. Brands have gone beyond conventional integration and sponsorship. We are focussing more on creative output and the storytelling of the shows and that is what excites the brands more. Brands are also going to get a lot of media exposure with us being on Facebook, TV and YouTube. Many extensions are happening around the shows. Overall the brands are extremely excited.”

Elaborating on how much importance is given to brand integration in the channel’s content, Subramaniam said, “As long as it is adding to the storytellers’ strength, that’s the key. Brands are integrating because they believe in the story. The minute you change the story for the sake of integration, you have lost your consumers and audience.”

Walt Disney Company already has its OTT platform abroad. Asked if they would like to bring their OTT platform to India anytime soon, Gandhi said, “That space is evolving and is exciting. But as of now we have not made any plans.”

Subramaniam added, “The unique advantage of Disney globally is we are the world’s largest creator and licensor of distinct branded content. Whether we are present in that ecosystem ourselves or not, we are already a part of it.  We have strategic relations with each and every OTT platform. We are not missing out on the piece of the future, we are already there.”

The promo link of ‘Beg Borrow Steal’:

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