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Bausch & Lomb reaches out to the youth, asks them not to be mere spectators

Conceptualised by FCB Ulka, the ad tries to bring out the importance of lenses and how people miss out on opportunities if their view is not clear

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | November 11, 2016

Bausch-&-Lomb Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Global healthcare company Bausch & Lomb has touched upon an interesting twist in its new campaign crafted by FCB Ulka. The twist is being in close proximity to what one really wants and yet eventually missing out on it and hence leaving one a spectator in certain situations when he or she could have clearly been an active participant.

Bausch & Lomb, being the category leader, recognises that the category needs much more saliency than what it currently enjoys. A little bit of nudge and motivation will go a long way in making people remember the ease and beauty of contact lenses, especially when they feel even a bit of restriction due to spectacles.

Sanjay Bhutani Sanjay Bhutani

Sanjay Bhutani, Managing Director, India and SAARC, Bausch & Lomb, said, “Being the market leader it’s a great responsibility on us to move the wheel forward. We are continuously striving to bring positive changes. By introducing ‘iConnect’ contact lenses, we are targeting at bottom of the pyramid to expand the overall category. At the same time for more discerning consumers, we have been introducing next generation products as and when launched globally. Bausch & Lomb brand is a great asset and this campaign would further help to build and take the brand to the next stage.”

Talking to young life enthusiasts, who are out there grabbing opportunities, packing their days and their nights, the campaign makes this point with wit and humour. Through two situations-- a mega sale offer, and a high octane rock show, the idea has been brought to life.

Indranil Chakravarty Indranil Chakravarty

Indranil Chakravarty, Commercial Director, Business Unit Head, Vision Care at Bausch & Lomb, said, “The contact lens user base is low in India due to various myths and perceptions, which are far from reality. It is perceived as difficult to wear, uncomfortable and above all costly. Bausch & Lomb is trying to grow the category by targeting the bottom of pyramid by introducing iConnect. At Rs 200 per month, it is the most affordable lens in its category. This will redefine the entry level prices for contact lens user in India. Bausch and Lomb is the category leader in India and through mass communication we are trying to expand the category and create awareness.”

Surjo-Dutt-nl Surjo Dutt

Surjo Dutt, National Creative Director, FCB Ulka, said, “It’s always a great opportunity to work with the market leaders of any category. And the fact that Bausch & Lomb was breaking a TV campaign after eight years made the challenge even juicier. The objective was very clear – reach out to the youth and bring them into the category. So we created communication based on the simple insight that in today’s world, it doesn’t take more than a second to miss a great opportunity. The films reflect this using very real-life spaces that are relatable to users across ages, and are fun to watch.”

In the first campaign, a couple is seen parking the car at some place where billboards of some sale are put up. The boy sees the ads and wishes that her better half should not see them. Irrespective of whichever way he tried parking the car, the ads were visible. As he was waiting for the girl to respond to the ads, he realised she was not wearing her spectacles and missed out on the ads. It was a loss for the girl because she was not wearing the lenses and took time to wear her specs and missed out on an opportunity.

The second ad is a scene of a rock concert where the performer kept on calling the girl from the audience and she did not go as she could not see who the performer pointing out at. Instead, the girl standing next to her went on the stage. She did not respond to the performer as she was not wearing lenses and missed out on an opportunity.

The TVCs:




Client: Bausch & Lomb

Agency: FCB Ulka Delhi

CCO: Swati Bhattacharya

National Creative Director: Surjo Dutt

Creative Team: Deepika Chauhan, Uday Dayal, S Srinath, Abhijeet Ray, Ttarangg Manoj

Account Management team: M N Damodaran, Faizyab Khan, Vivek Subramaniam

Agency Producers:  Mazhar Khan, Alpa Jobalia

Production House: OffRoad films

Director: Abhijit Sudhakar

Producer: Khalil bachooali

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