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36% of online retail traffic in India from mobile and apps: Criteo’s WBR report

An increase in smart phones, social media platforms, e-commerce websites and customer readiness to adopt new digital technologies have led an upsurge in growth of mobile traffic in India

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | October 18, 2016

Criteos-WBR-reportCriteo, a performance marketing technology company, recently released its Performance Marketing Asia report in partnership with Worldwide Business Research (WBR). Interviewing over 400 senior marketing professionals, the report gives insight on digital marketing trends and consumer behaviour in APAC region with special focus on the Indian market.

According to the survey, 36 per cent of online traffic for major retail, e-commerce and travel companies in India comes from mobile websites and apps, generating overall sales of 32 per cent. Online traffic from mobile apps alone comprised 11 per cent, which was totally converted into actual sales. With tremendous increase of smart phones, the rising use of social media platforms, e-commerce websites and customer readiness to adopt new digital technologies, there has been an upsurge in growth of mobile traffic in India.

Realising the significance of cross-device advertising, 78 per cent of digital marketers and advertisers emphasised the importance to engage customers with a more personalised and focussed approach. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps advertisers in reaching users with more relevant and personalised ads across devices. About 74 per cent of respondents feel that SEOs will experience maximum growth.

Dushyant Sapre, Commercial Director, Criteo India, said, “With larger screen smart phones, fast wireless broadband and seamless synchronisation between web and app, online sales via mobiles websites and apps are experiencing a remarkable increase in overall sales in India. Thus, mobile websites and mobile apps are soon becoming the most preferred medium for advertisers to personally engage with users. Many brands today understand the importance of mobile and cross-device advertising.”

He further added, “m-commerce and e-commerce are on the rise in India, and the number of devices through which customers interact with brands during the shopping journey is also increasing. It has hence become equally important for brands to connect with their users strategically and personalise their brand strategy. Companies should also focus on building a powerful case for internal transformation and development among management of teams, enhancing their own technological knowledge, and perhaps most crucially, partnering with the right solution providers to help them meet their goals.”

Ad-tech companies help advertisers to analyse the big data and reach their potential customer. But, advertisers face a challenge finding a suitable ad-tech company. Approximately 62 per cent of Indian retailers face a challenge in finding properly segmented market and consumer level data. Almost 54 per cent retailers find it difficult to achieve and justify ROI. Whereas, nearly 49 per cent retailers felt that due to internal factors, lack of management or department support, it is difficult to tap the right customers online.

Despite understanding the importance of cross-device advertising and personalised advertising, many brands experience challenge in on-boarding and running cross-profile, personalised advertising programmes.

It seems that almost 70 per cent retailers feel there is a challenge in identifying the best technology partner and accuracy of the solution. 63 per cent respondents face difficulty in managing the latest privacy standards or best practices. Whereas, 50 per cent of them feel there is lack of internal knowledge or skills to run the programme.

According to the data gathered by Criteo, during the festive season in 2015, 40 per cent of online traffic on major retail companies was generated by mobile phones. Clearly m-commerce is experiencing a tremendous rise in India. Customers prefer buying new brands from upcoming shopping websites, where they are offered best prices as well as discounts. With the ease of m-commerce, they get the option to explore thousands of brands at the click of a button. Moreover, it reduces the effort of hopping from one shop to another, saving time, money and energy.

The in-app availability of e-commerce companies has further triggered the rise of m-commerce in India. It is crucial for retail companies to start the in-app interface as well, considering major buying behaviour changing from desktop to mobile commerce.

With internet penetration expected to reach 650 million by 2020, a whole generation of consumers is moving from offline to online, experiencing e-commerce for the first time through mobile web or apps. Online transactions now involve the use of multiple devices during product search and purchase. E-commerce sales across the region are expected to increase in 2016. While these developments point to a huge opportunity for digital businesses across the region, engaging shoppers across multiple devices remains a major challenge for brands.

The data suggest that about 36 per cent of buyers browsed retailers’ websites with a different device before making a final purchase. Therefore, it is necessary for retailers to realise the importance of reaching their customers across devices while understanding the users’ surfing and buying behaviour. Cross-device advertising today is helping brands build brand recall in the minds of the users.

Click here to View Criteo’s WBR report


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