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#StayStarted with Nescafé and Red FM in their new ad

The ad film, conceptualised by McCann Erickson Worldgroup, tells the story of RJ Rishi, his relentless effort and celebrates his undying spirit

#StayStarted with Nescafé and Red FM in their new ad

The ad film, conceptualised by McCann Erickson Worldgroup, tells the story of RJ Rishi, his relentless effort and celebrates his undying spirit

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | September 6, 2016

Nescafe-and-Red-FM Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

A RJ who gets no callers? Pretty sad if you picture it. But Nescafé’snew ad campaign #StayStarted takes this theme and turns it into a beautiful story of relentless effort and undying spirit. The new ad film tells the story of RJ Rishi Rawat and his quest to get callers for his early morning show.

The TVC, conceptualised by McCann Erickson Worldgroup, portrays the story of Red FM RJ Rishi who hosts an early morning show from 5:30 to 7:00 am and struggles to find listeners who’ll hear him as no one wakes up so early.Still he steps in the studio every day in the hope that someday listeners will call and talk to him. Despite luring his audience with free passes, vouchers, ‘aj mera birthday hai’,all his attempts fail to elicit a response from the audience. One day, a thought strikes his mind and the tables turn for the RJ. He transforms the show’s weakness into its strength and tries to lure callers by inviting them to share their stories, troubles and complaints as no one will be listening to them. The proposition works, and the phone starts to ring, with listeners calling from everywhere.

Prasoon Joshi Prasoon Joshi

Commenting on the campaign, Prasoon Joshi, Chief Creative Officer, McCann Worldgroup, said, “Nescafé is a cherished brand for us and we have always tried to create a fresh and heart-warming connect with our advertising. Be it the Open up campaign, the neighbours one with Deepika, the Musical Campaign, or it all gets started with Nescafe-Stand Up one, the RJ film is yet another marvellous one in this series. It's a result of belief in the agency, the strategy and the idea. The team has done a superb job to raise the bar.”

Prateek Bhardwaj Prateek Bhardwaj

“In a world full of success stories, Nescafé’sglorification of struggle has helped us find a clear role in our audience’s life as their daily dose of resolve. This is a journey we embarked upon three years ago with the stammering comedian. RJ Rishi continues to evolve the brand into an actual early morning radio show and a fresh new tagline, #StayStarted,” said Prateek Bhardwaj, National Creative Director, McCannWorldgroup.

Speaking about their target audience, Jitidender Dabas, Chief Strategy Officer, McCann Worldgroup, said, “In a market like India where coffee consumption is still very low, our task will continue to be that of building a role for coffee in young people's life, functional as well as inspirational. Young people today are trying out newer and braver things -- in careers, in life -- whether it is a stand-up comic or cartoonist or an RJ. And often in such journeys staying on course is more difficult and critical than starting them. And that's where cup(s) of coffee come in. With its strong(er) stimulation, every hot mug of Nescafé is the perfect companion that keeps them on plan in their life's daily and bigger challenges. It's a constant companion as well as cup of resolve that keeps them going, keeps them started.”

“When it comes to storytelling, the young today are far more inspired by stories of others like them over any role models or celebs. And in RJ Rishi we have found that perfect brew once again that continues the brand's journey into the everyday life of the Indian youth,” he added.

Nescafé has joined hands with 93.5 Red FM for the TVC and the radio channel will be an integral part of the campaign. As part of the campaign, Red FM is initiating a morning show from 5:30 to7:00 am in 10 cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, Guwahati, Indore, Lucknow and Kanpur), wherein RJ Rishi will invite listeners to speak their heart out on the show. The show went live from September 1.

Nisha Narayanan Nisha Narayanan

Nisha Narayanan, COO, 93.5 Red FM,said, “Red FM has always taken initiatives to inspire the youth and encourage them to stay motivated and it feels great to collaborate with brands that echo a similar sentiment. While the idea has been conceptualised by Nescafé’s creative agency, we are thrilled to be a part of the campaign.This is a great opportunity to get closer to our listeners and encourage them to constantly take initiative to pursue their goal. The TV campaign has been released on various multi-media platforms to ensure high reach and generate conversations around staying undefeated with the #StayStarted campaign. Both Red FM and Nescafé enjoy a special place in the hearts of youngsters and we are confident on the success of this collaboration.”

The creative scoreboard

Ninad Umargekar Ninad Umargekar

Ninad Umargekar, Head of Strategic Planning, Taproot Dentsu, likes that fact that Nescafé has been consistent with their communication. “Really like the fact that Nescafe is staying the course on a proposition that says ‘Stay the course with Nescafé’. Stories of creative professionals give it a uniqueness as well as a certain consistency. Great to see such kind of commitment to a proposition in a day and age where brand ideas change every quarter,” he said.

Pramod Sharma Pramod Sharma

Pramod Sharma, Executive Creative Director, Rediffusion Y&R, said, “We all like watching, reading, listening to nice stories. This is one of them. A story well told. Doesn’t match the emotions of the ‘Stammer’ film though. Normally long format TVCs tend to get boring. RJ Rishi Rawat keeps you glued. Nicely edited. Nice acting. Jo achalikhathain, wohipaawathain.”

Mangesh Mulajkar Mangesh Mulajkar

Mangesh Mulajkar, Senior Vice-President, Account Management, Scarecrow Communications Ltd., said, “Sunatha jo jaagat hai woh pavat hai'. The statement sums up the 'never give-up' attitude of the Indian youth today. It is this belief that eggs them to try new things, same things in a new way or whatever that they need to do to succeed. Their beliefs are so strong that they will not stop at anything until they fulfil their aspirations.”

“The new Nescafe ad speaks to this youth and beautifully integrates the brand role. Aptly titled #Staystarted, the film takes the viewer through a journey of discovering the hardship that the RJ goes through but does not give up until he finds out a unique way to solve his predicament. All he needs is a hot cup of Nescafe and a trigger from the security person who has seen him come in day-after-day and witnessed his unsuccessful attempts. And the joy of success is vividly visible on his face when calls keep pouring in, a bountiful emotional payoff for staying on course and not giving up. Likewise in life, the youth today capitalise on any sort of stimuli to convert opportunities. The script has been well conceptualised and the RJ, the support cast have pulled off yet another successful film in the on-going series of Nescafe ads after the 'Stand up artist' and the 'Cartoonist' films,” Mulajkar said.

Mulajkar said it is these inspiring stories that will help the brand connect with the youth and help build relevance of coffee drinking among them. “Here is an ad story that seems so real life that it does not require any camera magic work or artful editing but just genuine acting from the cast to drive home the message that 'the one who is always alive and awake, will surely succeed'. So keep awake, stay alive, drink Nescafe.”

The TVC:



Client: Nescafé

Agency: McCann Erickson Worldgroup

Creative Team: Prasoon Joshi, Prateek Bhardwaj, Ashish Nath, Vaibhava Bhatnagar

Strategy and Planning: JitenderDabas

Account Management: AlokLall, NutanSooda, Bani Singh, Swati Khanna

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