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Kit Kat breaks conventions with #MyBreak on Twitter

Quasar partnered with the micro-blogging site to create the largest ever consumer engagement campaign and give Nestlé’s Kit Kat fans the break of a lifetime

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | September 21, 2016


Keeping the digital trends in mind, Quasar partnered with Twitter for Nestlé’s Kit Kat to create a five-day campaign -- ‘#MyBreak’ -- as it rewrote rules of marketing on the medium.

People come to Twitter looking for a break and they ended up consuming content. This content is one sized and fits all – same content, served to everyone, in a monotonous way, something that they have resigned to accepting as the conventional way of taking a break. Emphasising upon the key brand positioning of #MyBreak, Kit Kat India took to Twitter to break the conventional way of content consumption. With a quirky ‘My Break’ spin to all trending content, the brand broke the conventions on how people consume content on Twitter today.

The core idea behind this campaign was Kit Kat promises ‘Whoever you are, however you break, we have a break for you’ as Kit Kat has always been one’s break partner. And if most of them were on Twitter during their breaks, that’s where the brand wanted to be too, to make their breaks memorable. The agency wanted to give Kit Kat fans on Twitter a break of a lifetime, something they had never experienced before. They wanted to give them the Kit Kat way of enjoying Twitter content by changing all norms of content consumption.

To do that, the brand did unplanned and planned events. An unplanned event promoted trends that have been there forever, but the fact that Quasar used them differently broke the conventional way of using the platform. @KitKatIndia changed the trends every hour to mirror what was being talked about on Twitter and changed the trend to reflect that and create content to give users a unique break that wasn’t possible anywhere else.

A planned event the agency identified was -- potential topics that will trend during the campaign and created templates and content around it before the campaign broke. @KitKatIndia not just stayed on top of the mind using promoted tweets, but also created curiosity among users and cemented the proposition of taking breaks by cleverly integrating live trends to make the content relevant.

It also personalised the content depending on users interaction with @KitKatIndia and to ensure users have a relevant, contextual, live and enriching break every time they check the platform and give them a never-seen-before unique experience.

Saugata_Bagchi Saugata Bagchi

Saugata Bagchi, Business Head, Quasar, said, “People often come to Twitter to take a break and with Kit Kat’s positioning of ‘taking a break’, we knew we had a great story to tell. However, it needed to be done unconventionally to create a buzz. Using interesting creative formats that haven't been used before on Twitter, we've tried to create a campaign that people will find interesting and relevant, and at the same time communicates the brand narrative well.”

Kit Kat India leveraged a powerful but rarely used feature of ‘Promoted Trend -- the ability to change the trend during the day.’ With tweets generating stratospheric engagement rates given the topicality and linkage with what was trending along with the unique creative twists, @KitKatIndia saw results that have rarely been seen on the platform.

Trend engagement rates were five times that of regular trend hash tags. The overall campaign reach was over 40 million impressions. Trend Impressions were upwards of 16 million - approximately 15 per cent more than that of promoted trends.

94k engagement and17k mentions over the week and nearly 20k engagements per day. The activity witnessed a 33 per cent increase in followers of Kit Kat India in one week. 38 per cent video view rate for the best performing tweet with an average view rate of 25 per cent. Tweet engagement rate was over 10 per cent for most creative and highest was 16 per cent.






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