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Absolut Colours creates platform for creative self-expression

The limited edition bottle celebrates freedom for creativity and diversity which is what Absolut has long stood for

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | September 14, 2016

Absolut-ColorsIt is not easy for a liquor brand to advertise given the existing law. But liquor brands have found out, and this time it is from Absolut Vodka. In a unique setting of events, the world’s most iconic vodka yesterday launched its globally acclaimed Absolut Colors in India.

True to its legacy of launching pioneering and creatively different renditions of its traditional packaging, the limited edition Absolut Colors has been dressed in the colors of the famous pride flag made in 1977 as a message of solidarity, love and respect for diversity.

For over 30 years, Absolut Vodka has collaborated with the creative world and the collection today comprises more than 800 works from artists such as Andy Warhol, Francesco Clemente, Louise Bourgeois, Rosemarie Trockel, Angus Fairhurst, Jan Saudek, Béatrice Cussol & Anish Kapoor.

For a brand which resonates creative collaboration and promotes art and creativity, artists from India’s LGBT community came together to creatively represent the expressions associated with each of the six colours of the pride flag. In line with this, the event showcased a multimedia exhibit with a premiere of a film, a book reading, display of selected artworks by artists addressing queer issues, and a stand-up comedy.

Sumeet Lamba, Executive Director, Pernod Ricard India, said, ‚ÄúAbsolut has always supported elevation of creativity and self-expression and encouraged people to be who they are. Through collaboration with various artists, Absolut celebrates creativity and diversity which go hand in hand. The launch of Absolut Colors today is a testament to this belief and we are extremely proud of it.‚ÄĚ

Each colour on the new Absolut Colors bottle stands for an expression which was also brought alive at the launch event by the six artists ‚Äď Parmesh Shahani, Jeff Roy, Aunsha Yadav, Sanaya Ardeshir, Sharmistha Ray and Anuvab Pal. While the color red denotes ‚ÄėLife and Sexuality‚Äô, orange is symbolic of ‚ÄėHealing and Friendship‚Äô; the color yellow on the bottle stands for ‚ÄėVitality and Energy‚Äô and green depicts ‚ÄėSerenity and Nature‚Äô. The expressions of ‚ÄėHarmony and Artistry‚Äô have been symbolized through the color blue and purple stands for ‚ÄėSpirit and Gratitude‚Äô.

Set amidst a display of artworks by international visual artist Sharmistha Ray, the event began with a premiere of Dancing Queens: It’s All About Family, a documentary on India’s transgender (hijra) community by Jeff Roy.


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