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Zee Melt 2016: Content will always remain king, says Manish Vij

The founder CEO, SVG Media, talks about how brand building happens when content is good

Roshni Nair | Delhi | August 30, 2016

Manish Vij Manish Vij

This is the age and time of viral content. Everybody wants their message to reach the maximum number of people and with internet making that possible, brands are trying to create content that will not only connect with the masses but also motivate them to hit that share and like button. The screens might be getting smaller but the ideas are getting bigger and that was what Manish Vij’s session on ‘Video content on mobile platforms’ focused.

Speaking about ‘storifying’ brands, Vij said, “Brand-building happens when you just step back and the content is great. We are all in the media selling and buying business but I think we have to step back and first create great content. We took a step back and rather than pushing clients we thought let’s ‘storify’ brands. Great content just needs impetus and initial acceleration. Consumers today want brands that talk to them, engage with them and ‘storify’ their lives.”

Vij believes that the role of media is diminishing in the face of better sharing platforms like WhatsApp. “The world is moving fast and brands need to think in a very different way. Consumers are now-a-days not interested in the 10 second, 20 second ad spots because the media has changed and sharing has become so easy. With 100 million or 200 million Indian internet users who matter to advertisers consuming content over IP, media will just play a small role. People will be sharing great brands on WhatsApp. Advertising is not going anywhere but form of advertising is changing with the advent of better sharing, democratisation of video availability and cheaper access. All this will let you skip content or advertising that you don’t like, so it is better to create great content,” he added.

Vij is of the view that the boundaries between media buying and advertising and creative decisions are changing and will disappear and dissolve and as mobile advertising professionals one has to take a holistic view.

“All of us have to step back a bit and think about mobile advertising as a holistic thing, forget about the boundaries and not limit ourselves,” said Vij.

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