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#AdjustNoMore, says Amazon in its latest campaign

In the campaign conceptualised by Orchard Advertising, Amazon follows up on its ‘Apni Dukan' ad and sends across the message that you don’t need to settle for the next best thing when the best is available on its website

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | July 22, 2016

AdjustNoMore-says-Amazon Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Amazon India has come out with its latest campaign called #AdjustNoMore to encourage people from settling for less than optimal solutions on products. The idea behind the campaign is that people in India are forced to adjust with whatever they have because they don’t have access to what they really need.

Conceptualised by Orchard Advertising, the ad film was launched on YouTube on July 18.

An Amazon India spokesperson said, “Our brand always tells a story that the customers feel connected to and in a manner that is simple to understand and relevant. The campaign #AdjustNoMore is about doing away with alternatives as has a wide range of products which are available at the click of a button, with quick delivery options. Our campaign takes a look at everyday situations in an Indian consumer’s life and the customer’s intrinsic responses to these situations.”

Dheeraj Sinha-nl Dheeraj Sinha

Elaborating on the thought process behind the campaign, Dheeraj Sinha, Chief Strategy Officer, South Asia, Orchard Advertising, said, “It's amazing how life in today's India is filled with ever increasing dreams, desires and opportunities. However, many times we are unable to make the best of these because we don't get access to products and services required. We settle for what we get. This campaign amplifies how Amazon can help break these everyday compromises. With Amazon on our phones, now we don't have to adjust anymore.”

Neha Contractor Neha Contractor

Further adding, Neha Contractor, Senior VP and Branch Head, Orchard Advertising, Bengaluru, said, “We Indians have adjusted for too many things for far too long. This insight brought Amazon to become the perfect enabler who can shrink the access divide to a mere finger length and making the Indian consumer get what they want, when they want it. We are proud to be partnering with Amazon on this momentous journey.”

Lubna-Khan Lubna Khan

Lubna Khan, National Strategy Head, Orchard Advertising, said, “Today's ambitious India is hungry to embrace new experiences, and the goods that can unlock these are an essential part of the journey to a more fulfilled life. Yet too often, lack of access to those products is a fundamental stumbling block. For too long, Indians have told themselves to adjust. Amazon can help India #AdjustNoMore.”

Neel Roy Neel Roy

Neel Roy, Executive Creative Director, Orchard Advertising, said, “We Indians adjust with whatever we have rather than trying to get what we actually want. This new campaign #AdjustNoMore highlights this behaviour and nudges us to overcome this hurdle.”

The ad film takes a peek into the life of a cozy family who experience turmoil when the little girl wants to dress up like a particular princess for a fancy dress competition. The film follows the commotion of her parents trying to create the exact dress and somehow completing the look. But when they could not find shiny silver shoes, they ‘adjust’ with the next best thing and plan to use an ordinary pair of white shoes instead. Meanwhile, the father’s younger brother overhears the discussion and plans a surprise for everyone. Next day, the entire family is stunned when they receive a package with various ‘princess’ items. The father looks at his brother for an answer and the brother replies with, “Apni ek dukaan hai na bhaiya”. Keeping in mind Amazon’s previous campaign, ‘Apni Dukan’, the new film nicely ties the situation back to Amazon, the friendly neighbourhood store.

The campaign is supported by a robust 360 degree communication that spreads across digital, press, outdoor and radio.

The TVC:



Client: Amazon India

Creative Agency: Orchard Advertising

CCO: Rajdeepak Das

Creative team: Sainath Saraban, Neel Roy Cruz, Kedarnath Gupta

Strategy: Dheeraj Sinha, Lubna Khan

Senior Vice President & Branch Head: Neha H Contractor

Account Management: Savvy Durrham, Sangeetha Thomas

Agency Films Producer: Aditya Gouder

Production House: Electric Dreams Film Company

Director: Oni Sen

Producer: Suparna Chatterjee

Assistant producer: Ritika sabarwal

Music: Amar Mangrulkar

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