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‘Tayaari jeet ki’ with Bournvita’s ‘Subah ka Biscuit’

Ogilvy & Mather India has conceptualised a TV commercial for the company’s new category Cadbury Bournvita Biscuits. This new offering marks the expansion of Mondelez India’s biscuits category from cream (Oreo) to cookies

‘Tayaari jeet ki’ with Bournvita’s ‘Subah ka Biscuit’

Ogilvy & Mather India has conceptualised a TV commercial for the company’s new category Cadbury Bournvita Biscuits. This new offering marks the expansion of Mondelez India’s biscuits category from cream (Oreo) to cookies

Akansha Mihir Mota | Mumbai | June 8, 2016

Bournvita Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Ogilvy & Mather India has conceptualised a new TVC for Mondelez India carrying forward the brand’s philosophy ‘Tayaari jeet ki’. The commercial was launched on the television platform on June 3, 2016. Through this commercial, the company forays into a new category of cookies from Oreo cream biscuits.

Ogilvy has always given the reins to the moms in all the ‘Tayaari jeet ki’ ads. It is always the mothers who have to take the responsibility of their kids to perform well in any competition.

Adhering to the company’s philosophy, in this ad film, a mother is shown training her kids for gymnastics.

Ryan Mendonca Ryan Mendonca

Talking about the insight, Ryan Mendonca, Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, India, said, “We wanted to tell our audience a story that was uniquely Indian and Indian mothers have always gone out of their way when it comes to their children. This is also seen in weddings, functions, etc.”

Throwing some light on the reason for targeting the morning segment, Mendonca said, “Children are usually given nutritious biscuits in the morning and the more indulgent biscuits are for other occasions. Bournvita biscuits were always going to be abundant in nutrition. Therefore, the morning space seemed like a good fit.”

Chella Pandyan Chella Pandyan

Chella Pandyan, Associate Director, Marketing, Biscuits India and Kids Fuel AP, Mondelez India, said, “The morning snacking occasion has a huge opportunity for a product that brings together taste and nutrition. With Bournvita biscuits, we have extended presence into the ‘cookies’ category.

Talking about the objective of the TVC, Pandyan said, “The objective of the TVC was to position Bournvita biscuits as a purposive morning snack that has the pro-health vitamin nutrients and signature taste of Bournvita. We wanted to tell a story that is rooted in the Bournvita ‘Tayaari jeet ki’ philosophy. The story highlights the importance of ‘mornings’ in preparation and showcases the effort of moms to make mornings count for more.”

Mendonca said, “Mornings have a very special place when it comes to practice and preparation. This spot is one such story of a mother who understands this and is willing to stretch herself for her children. In many ways, this is the story of our mothers who sacrificed their sleep so that we could live our dreams.”

Mendonca also said, “This spot is about a mother who understands the importance of practice and preparation in her child’s life. Like in other Bournvita films, the role of the product is associative and not direct. We think of ourselves as a partner to mothers in their preparation journey.”

The TVC begins with an action-packed morning of an endearing mother of two, waking up to an early alarm. She heads to a hall where a wedding function had taken place the previous evening and the wedding items are strewn around. With little help, she clears the set-up and converts it back into a practice space for gymnastics. It is morning now and her children are woken up by their father for their morning gymnastics practice. The story progresses with the philosophy ‘Morning’ time is important preparation time. The inspiring and husky voiceover says ‘Har subah yeh tay karta hai ki kal kaun jeetega’. The mom feeds her children Bournvita biscuits, fuelling them with the shakti of Bournvita pro-health vitamins as they continue with their practice. The TVC ends with the tagline, ‘Subah ka Biscuit’.

The Creative verdict

A few admen think that the agency has just carried forward the Bournvita legacy and have not done much to make the product visible and sell. BestMediaInfo caught up with the creative experts to know what they think of the commercial.

Jagdish Acharya Jagdish Acharya

Jagdish Acharya, Founder and Creative Head, Cut the Crap, said, “The subah ka bisuit is an interesting position to take. However the commercial does not seed it in depth and strength. It appears to be contended with a sketchy connect with Bournvita attributes like challenge and winning. The commercial is well made and opens to a great potential. It seems to progress towards a build-up but ends on a flat note. The best part is the grainy voice over that one hears so often today.”

Manish Bhatt Manish Bhatt

Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications, said, "Bournvita has a legacy of mother preparing child for competitions. Strategically the concept of mothers is too strong that they have taken it forward. Biscuit is like an alternative to food where people eat it when they are in a hurry. Therefore, it is a strategic challenge that people would switch to biscuits in the morning or not. When you position something as 'Subah ka Biscuit' then it means that it has to come in the routine of people to consume it in the morning. It needs a lot of advertising and convincing for people to consume Bournvita biscuits in breakfast. I think getting people eat biscuits in the morning as a routine is definitely challenging.

Bhatt also said, "The agency is probably over confident about extending the 'Tayaari jeet ki' legacy in a variant like biscuits. They have not worked hard to make the product sell. It is only a Bournvita powder TVC and not Bournvita biscuit commercial."

The TVC:



Creative team: Ryan Mendonca, Neil Chitnis, Avani Rajesh, Kunal Pardeshi, Ritik Sachdev Servicing: Hitesh Patel, Kamia Wahi, Amita Servaia, Pallavi Daspattnaik

Planning: Khushnuma Daruwala, Veruschka Menon

Production house: Corcoise Films

Director (film): Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy

Producer: Kunal Kamra

Director of photography: Swapnil Sonawane

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