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BBH India’s ‘Right to write’ campaign for CRY

The aim of the campaign was to encourage individuals to become donors and partner with CRY America in the fight against illiteracy

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | June 1, 2016


BBH India launched its Right to Write’ digital campaign for CRY America’s projects in India to motivate children to school and complete their education.

The aim of this campaign was to encourage individuals to become donors and partner with CRY America in the fight against illiteracy.

The agency made three different ads to promote the cause in the campaign. For the imagery, BBH commissioned various Indian artists to recreate thumbprints in the form of a maze, valley and forest using a unique form of paper art called quilling.

The agency also entered the work for this year’s Cannes Lions awards show in the outdoor category.

Speaking about the campaign, Shefali Sunderlal, President and CEO, Child Rights and You America Inc., said, “Educating a child sets off a cycle of positive change and breaks the inter-generational trap of poverty and deprivation that lack of schooling ensues. An educated child is empowered to stand up against injustice and will get an opportunity to grow, develop and flourish to his or her full potential.”

According to the 2014 Education For All Global Monitoring Report (GMR), India currently has the largest population of illiterate adults in the world with 287 million. This is an alarming 37 per cent of the global total.

Sunderlal added, “This campaign will not just shed light on the condition of education of India’s children to the world community but will also make them realise how they can support to ensure these children aren’t deprived of this basic right.”

Russell Barrett Russell Barrett

Russell Barrett, Chief Creative Officer and Managing Partner, BBH India, said, “A lot has been said about the need for child education but very few things are actually getting done. Through this campaign we tried to help people feel the despair of illiteracy (depicted through the thumbprint) and the hope that escapes and the oppression that follows.”

Through this campaign, CRY America aims to mobilise resources and share efforts done at the grassroots level with their project partners in India to ensure children in the country get access to education before it’s too late.

Subhash Kamath Subhash Kamath

Subhash Kamath, CEO and Managing Partner, BBH India, said, “Everything we do for CRY has a real and lasting impact on society. So this is more than just a client or a campaign for us. It's a way to use our strategic and creative thinking to make a real difference to the lives of children. Education is both the single biggest challenge and opportunity. So we're hoping this campaign will open more eyes and hearts and eventually bring in more generous donors to catalyse this much-needed change."

The agency has conceptualised a thought-provoking image of a child breaking out of a thumbprint. The thumbprint symbolised illiteracy in India and is a symbol of shame. It is used in lieu of a written signature, ‘Angootha Chaap’ as one would call them in India.

To demonstrate the obstacles that come in the way of a child’s education, three different ads have been created wherein the thumbprint is depicted as a maze, a valley and a forest; with a child making his way out in each.

These children grow up to be adults who can’t read a newspaper, can’t read job ads, street signs or even a bus schedule, robbing them of dignity and hope.

The agency has created a microsite for this campaign and one can go to the website and donate money for the cause. With the donation money, more than 500 children will be provided with the right to education. The campaign is promoted through mailers, posters and digital banners.

Right to write Microsite:


Advertising Agency: BBH India

Chief Creative Officer: Russell Barrett

CEO: Subhash Kamath

Creative Director (Art): Sapna Ahluwalia

Copywriter: Yohan Daver, Sean De Jervis Sequeira

Art Director: Rebecca Daniel, Kushal Birari, Chetan Mahajan

Illustrator: Anant Nanvare

Photographer: Abhijit Kalan, Pratim Shankar, Saish Kamble

Retoucher: Avinash Mahadik

Agency Producer: Reema Asrani

Senior Business Partner: Rutika Shroff

Business Partner: Monisha Khanna, Ankita Kadambande

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