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Mahindra Mojo’s new ad film motivates bikers to go on a long road trip

Flying Cursor has created a mesmerising ad film for the Mahindra’s Mojo bike. The film lures tourers to be a part of The Mojo Tribe and travel across the nation

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | May 24, 2016

Mahindra-Mojo Click on the image to watch the TVC.

The cool shots of bikers in magnificent Rajasthan attract travel lovers to go on a road trip. The 3-minute and 24-second ad film focuses on the experience of the joy of riding and performance features of the Mojo. Since its launch, Mahindra has been consistently building The Mojo Brand through ‘Mojo Tribe and Trails’, which has created a lot of excitement among bike enthusiasts and is today recognised as one of the best tourers in India. In order to reach out to a wider audience of bike enthusiasts, Mojo will now communicate via its new TV campaign, which embodies the brand philosophy of ‘Joy of Riding and Brotherhood’.

Talking about the brief, Shormistha Mukherjee, Director and Co-Founder, Flying Cursor, said, “We have been working with Mahindra since the launch of the bike Mojo. So, we do know the brand in and out. Our target audience is very much urban. The bike is been segmented as the tourer and is about the joy of riding; and that was the brief given to us. We wanted to capture, not just the product but also the experience it brings.'

When the bike was launched, the company also created the community 'The Mojo Tribe'. All the bikers were given the community membership. As the Mojo bikers were increasing, the community also grew. People started going out together on bike trips and the brotherhood in the community increased. Therefore, the same community was brought on the digital platform and WhatsApp. Moving ahead with the campaign this new ad film was created to promote the brand.

Naveen Malhotra, Senior GM, Marketing and Product Planning, Mahindra Two Wheelers, said, “We were positioning the bike as a perfect tourer, a companion for a journey. We have built up community ‘The Mojo Tribe’ and we wanted the community aspect to come out very strongly. We wanted to bring out the joy of riding, the feeling of being born for the road, the journeys to be captured and the community aspect to come out well and that’s why this particular TVC was shot in Rajasthan over three days.”

Further explaining, Mukherjee said, “Touring is not a solitary passion; it is the experience of driving together with your friends and like-minded people. Touring is to watch the sunset together, stop at the dhaba and have chai and doing all impromptu things. This is how the insight occurred how people really want to tour. If we could execute such a travelling experience and when people looked at it and get motivated to go out on a trip our agenda would be fulfilled.”

A month's time was taken in creating this ad film and a lot of time was invested in the auditioning of the models and planning out the campaign. The models who were actually passionate bikers were taken for the shoot; including the girl one can see in the video. The girl is shown matching shoulder to shoulder with all the men.

Elaborating on the challenges faced while making the ad film, Mukherjee said, “It was quite a mammoth thing in terms of logistic. We were shooting across Rajasthan, pretty much like a road trip ourselves. The kind of equipment we had to carry while shooting on the road and that too with bikes is not easy.”

The ad film is currently available on the digital domain. Later, in a few months, the film will be available for television viewers and at cinema halls. The ad film will be uploaded on the company website and that content will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Explaining the reason for selecting only digital as the platform to promote the ad film, Malhotra said, “For a customer segment like this, where we want them to believe and experience; a medium like digital helps because we can engage with them. We don’t just want people to be aware of Mojo, but we want them to engage with us and digital allows doing that.”

Mojo is a premium bike by Mahindra and is positioned as a tourer. The bike was launched last year in October.

In the ad campaign, bikers, including a girl, are shown all geared up leaving for a bike trail after filling petrol from the petrol pump station. They are shown zooming through tunnels, crooked roads and mountains. They stop somewhere in the middle of the trail and rotate a knife on the map. In whichever direction the knife stops, they leave for that destination. They are again shown stopping by some scenic water body and chilling and riding the bike over water and later stopping at a roadside dhaba. Then they are shown crossing a flock of camels. Later, night falls and riders pitch tents and continue with the trail across the cities of Rajasthan and long stretches of roads and dessert in the state. The ad film ends with the note ‘Welcome to the Mojo Tribe’.

The quirky song played in the TVC is the Mojo anthem. The anthem has taken inspiration and music copyrights from the track ‘Got my mojo working’ from ‘The Muddy Waters’. The lyrics are rewritten to match the idea and objective of the bike Mojo.

The TVC:



Company: Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd.

Brand: Mojo

Creative Agency: Flying Cursor

Director: Littil Swayamp Paul

Production House: IKIGAI Collective

Shoot Locations: Rajasthan

Song Details: Got My MOJO working by Muddy Waters. Re-recorded by the Blues Band


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