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Leave the suffering to us, says Pepperfry

With three films conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, Pepperfry shows the ease of ordering furniture and highlights flaws of local-made products

Leave the suffering to us, says Pepperfry

With three films conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, Pepperfry shows the ease of ordering furniture and highlights flaws of local-made products

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | May 27, 2016

Pepperfry Click on the image to watch the TVC.

As a part of its vision to help Indian consumers make beautiful homes by 2020, Pepperfry recently launched a 360? marketing campaign. The e-commerce furniture major released a tri-series campaign to show that ordering furniture on Pepperfry gives users a hassle-free experience.

The campaign, conceptualised by L& K Saatchi & Saatchi, has three digital films which will be aired on television, digital video channels and in multiplexes. Apart from that, outdoor, a bouquet of digital media, display and social channels will be used.

Kashyap Vadapalli, CMO, Pepperfry, said, “We have a sizeable outlay of over Rs 10 crore for this campaign across TV, outdoor and digital outreach covering the entire media universe.”

The thought behind this campaign is to give consumers a seamless experience when they are ordering furniture online. They do not have to go through the hassle of building furniture via a carpenter and regretting to have built it with the flaws.

Talking about the insight and idea, Debarjyo Nandi, Senior Vice-President, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, said, “Many of us believe that getting furniture made at home will give us more control and get us exactly what we want. The problem is most of us are not sure of what we really want and what we are really getting into. The noise, dust, displacement, delays and budget overflows make it an even more painful process. Pepperfry is the easier and simpler solution to getting your furniture in time, at a fixed price and the design and finish you want.”

The first digital film shows a young couple, and the wife is upset with her husband for having carpenters at home to make a dining set. The husband tells her it’s a matter of only a week. After the carpenters are done making the dining set, the couple is seen having breakfast at the table.

The wife then notices that the furniture is not built to perfection. The husband immediately replies, “The material was over, it’ll come in a few days.” A voiceover then says: “Stop suffering and leave the hard work to us.” As the film ends, it urges consumers to choose from the largest range of furniture at

The second film shows a granddaughter and grandfather. A similar scenario is shown where the granddaughter is trying to make a sofa set at home. The carpenters are messy. She tells her grandfather, “There’s a little wastage, but they will make a best piece out of it.” Grandpa is sitting on the newly built furniture and the granddaughter sits on the other side, only to realise that the leg of the sofa set is not touching the floor. She immediately says, “Thoda 19-20 ka farak toh hota hai naa” (A slight difference will be there). A voiceover then says: “Don’t compromise, get the furniture you need on”

The last film shows a mother and son trying to have a conversation. The mother brings in breakfast for her son who is trying to study for his exams. They try to have a conversation but with no luck as the furniture noise is too much. The film ends with a voiceover saying: “Stop suffering and leave the hard work to us.” It tells us to choose from the largest range of furniture at

The campaign has been built on consumer insights after an in-depth qualitative and quantitative research. The new campaign addresses consumer insights on the various flaws of making furniture at home.

Speaking about the concept behind this proposition, Vadappali said that in the last few years, Pepperfry has ensured that there is a piece of Pepperfry in all progressive shoppers’ homes. “Via this campaign we are going to bridge the product-life-cycle adoption chasm between the early adopters and the early majority and thereby create even more happy furniture moments among Indian furniture and home products’ shoppers,” he said.

Pepperfry intends to educate the customers about these pitfalls and provide them with the alternative Pepperfry experience with this campaign.

Vadapalli added, “Our goal is to help 20 million customers create beautiful homes by 2020. In these last few years, Pepperfry has reached a tipping point among early adopters and via this campaign we will expand the market by going up the product life cycle curve to address the early majority of shoppers.”

The TVCs:






Agency: L& K Saatchi & Saatchi

Creative team: Rahul Nangia, Ipsita Ghosh; Amol Dahanukar, Lalit Bharadva

Account Management: Debarjyo Nandi, Siddharth Matalia, Mansi Shah

Production house (Couple and Granddaughter films): Elements Films

Director: Shakun Batra

Producers: Sandeep Patil. Ricky Singh Bedi

Associate Producer: Samson Vasave

DOP: Jay Hoza (Couple Film); Tanay (Granddaughter film)

Music Director: Sameeruddin

Production house (Only Sound Film): LightBox Films

Director: Rahul Nangia

Producers: Junaid Herekar and Imran Khan

DOP: Vasudeo Rane

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