Matrix Cellular clears air for consumers

Through a string of six TVCs, the cellular company has highlighted features of its services, trying to clarify the common misconceptions and confusions

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Matrix Cellular clears air for consumers

Matrix Cellular clears air for consumers

Through a string of six TVCs, the cellular company has highlighted features of its services, trying to clarify the common misconceptions and confusions

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | April 22, 2016

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With increasing affordability and aspirations, the number of Indians travelling abroad is rising exponentially, opening up the doors to newer verticals of advertising. So, after obvious products like airlines, international calling cards have a huge scope to expand and make an impression in the market.

Matrix Cellular has come up with a string of six ad films each explaining a different feature of its international phone cards, whether it is data usage or cost-effectiveness. The films are quite interactive in the sense that the protagonist is speaking in the camera, apparently to the viewers. Through the simple, casual and conversational script, the feeling of someone talking to you from inside the TV is quite effective in making the messaging clear.

Another special thing about the TVCs – conceptualised by Equus – is that no actor or brand ambassador has played the role of the middle-aged protagonist who looks like a traveller, a self-made man. It is the Chairman of Equus, Swapan Seth, himself who has played the role of the protagonist, talking about his own experiences with the brand, which is quite impactful.

Seth says the brief given by Matrix Cellular was to demystify certain consumer confusions. Further, talking about the challenges that he faced wearing multiple hats for this campaign, acting being one of them, he said, “I am a Matrix customer and I understand those confusions that a prospective or existing customer will have about the product. Therefore, it was best that I clarified them to fellow customers.”

Other than the six ad films, the campaign will be extended to print and outdoor, and perhaps on the digital platform too.

Anish Khanna, CEO of Matrix Cellular, talking about the strategy, said, “This campaign was not intended to build awareness. It was to address consumer concerns, perceptions and experiences. Concurrently, the intent was to demystify certain cloudy bays in consumers' minds, for instance, pre-paid versus post-paid, data or no data, etc. Since it is near impossible to address these concerns one-on-one, we decided to do broadcast communication: one to all. Having been a listening company, we decided to become a speaking company."

Khanna also shared his reasons for choosing Seth to play the lead role in the films. He said, “Swapan has been a customer of ours from the very inception of the company twelve years ago.

Having experienced the triumphs and tribulations of the customer experience, he embodies both the personality of the brand and its core consumer. He is also an intrepid traveller, has exacting service standards and is known to speak his mind.”

Creative Review

The simplicity and effectiveness of the ad films are being appreciated across the industry. At the same time, industry folk have given a thumbs-up to Swapan Seth's new role.

Dhunji Wadia Dhunji Wadia

Dhunji Wadia, President, Rediffusion Y&R, said, “The ads are simple and to the point, and bring out the relevant details through the series – one at a time. So, if you previously thought that Matrix was only for making and receiving calls when going abroad, then there's much more on offer now. And there's a versatile performer who engages the viewer right through the series of commercials. As writer, agency head, co-director and performer, I would consider Swapan Seth as the human version of the Swiss Army Knife.”

Emmanuel Upputuru, Founder and Creative Chairman, ITSA, mentioned how the actor is the first thing one notices. "I have been following Swapan Seth from the time. He was in Bangalore, if I am not mistaken."

He goes on to add, "Then the second thing hits you: here is a veteran copywriter known for his crisp English as well as mouthing Hinglish dialogues with ease. And saying 'data beta'."

Emmanuel Upputuru Emmanuel Upputuru

As for the film, Upputuru commented, "Oh yes, the film does a good job creating awareness about the various benefits of data when travelling abroad. Well done, Swapan beta!"

The TVC:


Client: Matrix Cellular

Creative agency: Equus

Client team: Anish Khanna, Karan Sharma, Deepti Todi

Agency team: Arjun Chandra, Anukriti Som, Swapan Seth

Producer cum Director: KabirSadanand

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