McDonald's advices burger lovers to spend #ThodaTimeAur with dear ones

In a campaign, conceptualized by Leo Burnett, the American burger chain takes a “on ground” route to promote its Maharaja Mac Burger.

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McDonald's advices burger lovers to spend #ThodaTimeAur with dear ones

McDonald's advices burger lovers to spend #ThodaTimeAur with dear ones

In a campaign, conceptualized by Leo Burnett, the American burger chain takes a “on ground” route to promote its Maharaja Mac Burger.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 28, 2016

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McDonald's goes “on ground” with its latest campaign to promote the Maharaja Mac Burger. McDonald's staff quiz customers on how well they know the group they visit the restaurant with. Friends, colleagues and father and son are put through a “Familiarity Test”, which they usually fail.

A father, for instance, is asked if he knew who his son's favourite teacher was. A couple are asked to guess their partner's favourite movie. The embarrassed customers are then offered Maharaja Mac Burgers on the house – along with the advice that they should perhaps spend “thoda time aur” (a little more time) with each other.

McDonald's India launched the Maharaja Mac Burger, an equivalent of the iconic Big Mac, across India early this year. The integrated campaign featured the unique catchphrase #ThodaTimeAur, highlighting the need to spend more time with close friends and relations, who incidentally, constitute the groups that visit McDonald's outlets together.

The campaign featured six films supported across the digital, outdoor and print media. In the television commercial (TVC), McDonald's employees tell customers, “Before I give you your order, may I ask you a question?” When they agree, they are quizzed on how well they know each other. The questions are put to friends, a father and his son, a couple and a group. The usual response to whether they knew each other well was, “pretty well”, “very well”, “He's my son” and so on.

The McDonald's staff then ask them questions like, “Which is their favourite movie?”, “What's his favourite band?” “When is his birthday?” and “What is his favourite teacher's name?” Most customers do not have the right answers to questions about people they believe they know well. McDonald's then offers them complementary Maharaja Mac Burgers, with the parting advice that perhaps they need to spend more time with each other.  The film then shows customers enjoying their Maharaja Mac Burgers and ends with the tag line, 'The social Burger.'

With the advent of mobile internet, people are spending more time on mobile than with each other. The McDonald's film, based on the #ThodaTimeAur proposition, tries to engage with such netizens. The morale of the new film is that while we think we know our near and dear ones well – we may not always be right and so, should spend “thoda time aur” with them.

Kedar Teny Kedar Teny

Speaking of the campaign, Kedar Teny, Director, Marketing and Digital, McDonald's India, West and South India, said, “The new digital campaign is a part of the overarching theme of sociability and our commitment to keep building on that platform. This is our fourth execution on the sociability platform and first in the long play digital content format.”

“While we are optimizing the campaign through various mediums,” Teny went on to say, “we aim to engage with our audience with this visually captivating video on social media. To give our campaign an interesting twist we quizzed real consumers on their familiarity quotient with each other's interests and captured their reactions on our hidden camera. The simple truth is that there are many times you don't know the obvious likes and dislikes of the people you consider close to you. The message instantly answers the need to bond with friends and family over a gourmet social meal - Maharaja Mac - as the conversation starter. The iconic product seamlessly fits into that proposition of knowing each other over #ThodaTimeAur.”

RajDeepak Das RajDeepak Das

Commenting on the creative thinking that had gone into the campaign, Rajdeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett India, said, “After the success of the Maharaja Mac launch campaign #ThodaTimeAur, we wanted to engage with young minds and move the conversation forward with an interesting real world insight. McDonald's Familiarity Test is a simple experiment we did with real people asking them simple questions they ought to know the answers to. It is surprising to know that most of us get these answers wrong. The film captures the genuine reactions of McDonald's customers and makes us want to deepen relationships with our loved ones.”

The TVC:


Client: McDonald's India

Creative Agency: Leo Burnett India

Chief Creative Officer: Rajdeepak Das

Executive Creative Directors: Prajato Guha Thakurta, Sachin Kamble

Business Head: Rakesh Hinduja

Creative team: Aalap Desai, Indrajeet Kadam, Amit Pandya, Pratik Khara, Manas Keer, Gaurav Joshi, Saif Rizvi, Sambhav Khandelwal

Lead Planner, McDonald's: Divya Agarwal

Brand Partner: Abhishek Jha

Brand Director: Sayantan Bhattacharya

Director: Sukriti Tyagi

Producer: Dyuti Geete