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Tata tops Interbrand’s Best Indian Brands Report 2015

Reliance and Airtel are at No. 2 & 3, respectively. HCL, Kotak and Tanishq are among the top risers. Interestingly, Zee Enterprises enters the league this year

Tata tops Interbrand’s Best Indian Brands Report 2015

Reliance and Airtel are at No. 2 & 3, respectively. HCL, Kotak and Tanishq are among the top risers. Interestingly, Zee Enterprises enters the league this year

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | December 11, 2015


Interbrand India, part of the Omnicom Group, has released its 2015 Best Indian Brands Report, a definitive guide to the Top 30 brands in India. This is the third edition of Best Indian Brands, which has been identifying the best performing Indian brands since 2013.

This year’s report sees the top 5 slots occupied by Tata, Reliance Industries, Airtel, LIC and SBI. The top risers include HCL, Kotak, Tanishq, Infosys and Asian Paints. The analysis of the brand performances of the risers reveals common principles of moving at the speed of customer’s demands.

Ashish Mishra Ashish Mishra

Ashish Mishra, Managing Director of Interbrand India, presenting the rankings, said, “Some of this year’s 30 Best Indian Brands are ‘poised to rise’ because they have learned to move at the speed of life. Not only are they keeping pace with a rapidly developing country, but they are also keeping pace with the constantly changing wants/needs of consumers throughout India. These brands are likely to influence other brands entering the Indian market for perhaps the first time. They are forging a path which many brands are sure to follow in the months and years ahead.”

Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s Global CEO, said, “As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, India presents a host of opportunities and unique challenges to its brand leaders.”

Mishra also mentioned that Technology, Auto and Financial Services are the dominant sectors in this year’s report. Financial services sector had eight winners. The Automobile sector had three brands in the league; Technology and Telecom also had three players. Other categories include FMCG, Retail, Cement, Media and Paints and Pigments which had one player from each category.

“The Best Indian Brands report is our way of celebrating the most valuable Indian brands every year. In today’s converged marketplaces, a global brand outlook is not a matter of aspiration but an imperative. Interbrand India’s larger purpose in the market is to identify the Best Indian Brands and help them in their journey towards becoming Best Global Brands,” noted Mishra.

Interbrand India has over the last two editions of the league table, spoken about the need for universalization of brands and what does it take to be a global brand. While an Indian brand does not yet appear in the Best Global Brands ranking, there are sector-leading brands making progress.

“Interestingly, the overall behaviour of such brands is in line with the behaviour of the Best Global Brands. They all display deeper customer empathy and responsiveness, thereby creating micro-experiences at emerging touch-points. This year, we are celebrating these Best Indian Brands that are poised to rise beyond their local status and meet global standards of brand excellence,” added Mishra.

Brand valuation & methodology: Interbrand's brand valuation methodology is considered the most comprehensive and covers the key areas of financial analysis, Role of Brand index, and Brand Strength scores. Interbrand was the first to introduce the brand valuation concept and, in fact, its proprietary brand valuation technique is one of a select few to be ISO-certified in the world. Beyond resulting in a numeric value, Interbrand’s assessment includes an appreciation of where and how brand and business value can be cultivated.

Mishra also mentioned that Kingfisher dropped out of the league this year. Out of the 200 brands, 100 brands are scrutinised and then out of those 100 these 30 brands take the spots.

When asked why there was no e-commerce player in the list, Mishra said, "The major setback here was the fact that public financial data of this sector was not available. This also reflects that majority of e-commerce players are not making profits."

Criteria: First, a brand should be of Indian origin and there should be sufficient publicly available financial data in the market. Second, the brand should have broad public profile and awareness, and must be positioned to play a significant role in consumer's purchase decision. Third, the economic profit from the brand must be positive.

2015 Best Indian Brands:

Rank 2015 Rank 2014 Brand 2015 BV (INR Billions) 2014 BV (INR Billions) BV INR % Change 2015 from 2014
1 1 Tata 669.4 598.37 12%
2 2 Reliance Industries 340.19 332.67 2%
3 3 Airtel 323.02 294.77 10%
4 5 LIC 228.94 195.8 17%
5 4 State Bank Of India 226.82 206.94 10%
6 6 HDFC 208.45 178.21 17%
7 7 Infosys 206.46 173.21 19%
8 8 Icici 157.05 148.05 6%
9 10 Godrej 142.73 128.29 11%
10 9 Mahindra 137.23 133.44 3%
11 12 Wipro 135.54 124.31 9%
12 11 Larsen & Toubro 128.65 124.87 3%
13 13 Bajaj Auto 110.53 103.32 7%
14 15 Maruti Suzuki 99.36 85.28 17%
15 16 Axis Bank 91.61 79.73 15%
16 18 ITC 81.94 75.02 9%
17 17 Hero 79.33 75.52 5%
18 19 HCL 76.22 60.25 27%
19 14 ONGC 73.22 90.06 -19%
20 23 Asian Paints 53.06 44.53 19%
21 20 Reliance (ADAG) 52.98 54.88 -3%
22 21 Bank Of Baroda 52.06 49.05 6%
23 24 Adani 46.25 40.43 14%
24 22 Idea 45.99 47.14 -2%
25 26 Tanishq 45.02 37.48 20%
26 N/A Zee 41.95 0 N/A
27 27 Ultratech 40.48 35.64 14%
28 25 Punjab National Bank 40.32 40.2 0%
29 28 Dabur 39.59 33.76 17%
30 29 Kotak 35.15 28.44 24%

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