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Socio-mythological show ‘Santoshi Ma’ to launch on &TV

The show which starts on November 30, marks the comeback of Bollywood actor Gracy Singh who plays the role of the goddess

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | November 27, 2015


‘Santosh ka path padhane aa rahi hai Santoshi Maa’, the story of goddess Santoshi and her ardent devotee’s undying belief will make its debut on &TV on November 30, capturing the 9 PM primetime slot . The show marks the comeback of popular Bollywood actress Gracy Singh as Santoshi Maa and the very talented Ratan Rajput as her devotee. Produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms, ‘Santoshi Maa’ is the story of Santoshi, a loving girl with a heart of gold who has been a worshipper of the Goddess since childhood. Much like the Goddess of ‘santosh’ or contentment, Santoshi has no malice or greed in her heart and believes in respecting every individual. The show will chart her journey and how her unwavering faith in the goddess bails her out of the most difficult situations. ‘Santosh ka path padhane aa rahi hai Santoshi Maa’ brings together some of the best names in the industry to essay pivotal roles.

Other than the two stellar performers, the ensemble cast includes popular faces such as Ayaz Ahmed, Sayantani Ghosh, Sachin Shroff, Juhi Parmar, Kiran Janjani, and veterans including Parikshit Sahani, Upasna Singh and Onkardas Manekpuri among many others.

Rajesh Iyer Rajesh Iyer

Talking about the show, Rajesh Iyer, Business Head, &TV, said, “Santoshi Maa marks our foray into the socio-mytho genre thereby strengthening our programming slate. The concept of Santoshi Maa is introspective and very relevant given today’s evolving times. Furthermore, its universal theme and relatable plot will only enable us to reach out to a wider set of audience at the 9:00 PM primetime slot.”

Actor Gracy Singh who portrays goddess Santoshi said “All these years I received so many offers for TV shows but nothing appealed to me. But I loved the concept of Santoshi Maa. It has a great storyline, much relevance in today's times and is being made with a lot of sincerity. Portraying a Goddess on the small screen is extremely challenging but also satisfying at the same time. I am a believer myself and given the competitive environment that we are in, I don't let negativity affect me, but I take time off to relax and enjoy and be content with what I have achieved. That's what the show is also about.  I look forward to receiving a positive response from the viewers.”

Talking about the show, Ratan Rajput, who will be seen as the key protagonist – the devotee Santoshi, said, “I’m a big devotee of Santoshi Maa in real life too so when I was approached to play the role, I was immediately convinced about it. My character and the story of the devotee is a journey that I could completely relate to, which is why I chose to take up the show. From a broad perspective, the show gives out a message on contentment which is sorely missing… we all are so busy chasing most materialistic things and bigger goals that no one is satisfied with what they have achieved. We tend to ignore what we already have with us hence – ‘Santosh ka paath padhane aa rahi hai Santoshi Maa’ the show, will help us realise and appreciate the positives in life.”

The show that boasts of a great production, storyline, characters will be one of the most relatable shows that will enamor audiences.

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