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Askmebazaar takes a dig at counterfeit products

Conceptualised by JWT, the campaign comprising five short films aims to educate the stakeholders on the negative effects of selling or promoting fake products

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | September 28, 2015

Askmebazaar Click on the image to watch the TVC., the online marketplace of consumer Internet company Askme, has rolled out a new communication campaign – ‘Get Real’. The campaign, conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson, comprises five short films on YouTube that are addressed to sellers and buyers to combat sale of counterfeit products by different Indian online commerce players.

The effect of unauthentic products in the market has been noted and Askme has taken the initiative to further halt fraudulent business practices. The newly-launched campaign emphasises on customer awareness and aims to educate the stakeholders in this ecosystem about the negative effects of selling or promoting fake products.

Manav Sethi, Group CMO & Head - Digital Strategy, Askme, commented, “The Indian luxury counterfeit market is close to Rs 2,500 crore, which accounts for 5-6 per cent of the total luxury market of the country. Our initiative is to sensitise the customers on the dangers associated with counterfeits and with this campaign we aim to send a robust message to our customers that Askmebazaar is committed to upholding the standards and reliability of products and our high-quality, customer-focused reputation.”

“At Askmebazaar, we are always passionate about delivering genuine products to our customers and we support authentic sellers on the Askme platform in order to provide greater confidence to customers,” he added.

Commenting on the campaign, Sundeep Sehgal, VP - Creative, J. Walter Thompson, said, “We’ve always seen anti-piracy campaigns, but no one had done an anti-fake campaign yet. So we already had a very fresh starting point. Once we had that, we decided to take a dig at fake products by positioning them as ‘bad jokes’.”

He further said, “We juxtaposed the idea with the observation that fake products have a very slight spelling change from the originals and deliberately created those ‘bad jokes. We’re hopeful that the campaign will generate much needed awareness against fakes and help the original brands and create leadership status for our client.”

The ‘Parker’ film shows people going about their business suddenly stopping in their tracks when a black cat crosses their path. But since no one wants to show that they are superstitious, they pretend to do various tasks as they stop like taking a selfie, jogging on the spot or filing one’s nails. The ad ends with the word ‘Paarker’ splashed across the screen and a line that says that “Fakes are as bad as this joke”.

The ‘Puma’ film seems like a horror clip, with a young boy busy playing a video game when his grandmother’s wheelchair suddenly starts moving on its own. Spooked, the boy looks around and sees a strange grin on the old lady’s face, when she suddenly breaks wind, much to his amusement. The word ‘Pooma’ is splashed across the screen and the ad ends with the tagline “Fakes are as bad as this joke”.

The ‘Nikon’ film shows a barber shop where a man is getting a haircut. The camera pans to show that his barber too is getting a haircut from another, who in turn is getting a haircut from a fourth person. ‘Naikon’ says the word splashing across the screen. The ad ends with the tagline “Fakes are as bad as this joke”.

All the ad films end with people being asked to ‘Get Real’ and go for original brands.

AskmeBazaar was launched last year and has become India’s premier online marketplace where sellers from across India can open their online store and list their products for free. With zero upfront investment, the seller can now sell their products online by just paying fixed fees for processing every transaction on the platform. It has 35,000 storefronts with 700,000 SKUs (excluding movies and books) available today and is on its way to achieve 1 million orders per month soon.

The TVCs:





Brand: Askmebazaar

Creative: J. Walter Thompson

Vice-President, Creative – Sundeep Sehgal

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