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Fortis Healthcare gets to the heart of the matter with ‘Hands of Hope’

Designed and executed by Leo Burnett, the campaign seeks to build equity for ‘Brand Fortis’, beyond the equity of its doctors and tells the story from a patient’s lens

Aanchal Kohli | Mumbai | August 5, 2015

Click on the image to watch the TVC. Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Fortis Healthcare has rolled out a new campaign, ‘Hands of Hope’, which will be the first not just for Fortis, but for any player in the healthcare industry. Currently, no hospital in the segment has taken the lead and positioned itself basis what it stands for, as a brand.

Through this campaign, Fortis Healthcare aims to target current and potential consumers who prefer Fortis as the place for all healthcare needs because when they come to Fortis they are assured they will only be given the best and most precise healthcare experience. The campaign went live on July 16, 2015 across online platforms, cinema halls and Tata Sky Home channel, followed by nationwide TVC release on July 25 across Hindi general entertainment and movie channels, along with English and Hindi news channels. The TVC is airing in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Bangla languages.

The campaign has been conceptualised and executed by Leo Burnett and revolves around the theme, ‘Fortis: Uncompromised Excellence’. The commercial revolves around the fundamental emotion that patients and their families can relate with – the emotion of hope. Hope is all a family has when it is living with a disease and how Fortis helps keep this emotion of hope alive.

The ad film focuses on a little boy with a heart condition that doesn’t let him do all those things that little boys love doing – running around, playing with friends and being carefree – as such activities leave him exhausted. His loving parents visit various doctors and hospitals, who identify the boy’s condition but are unable to help him due to lack of expertise or facilities. The talk of surgery scares the little boy. Then, on the suggestion of one doctor the parents visit a Fortis Hospital, where they get the much needed hope of a normal life for their son when they are assured that a heart transplant will help the boy. The ad film ends with the voice of the boy challenging his father to race with him.

In conversation with, Gaurav Dudeja, Head of Marketing, Fortis Healthcare, and Ravpreet Ganesh, Executive Vice-President, Leo Burnett share details on the campaign, the objective, the making of the film, the challenges and more.

Objective and strategic intent

The campaign’s objective is to build equity for ‘Brand Fortis’, beyond the equity of its doctors. Hospital choice in India is primarily driven by the choice of empanelled doctors, and there’s little that any healthcare provider has done to create its own brand.

“Thus, this is a first endeavour not just for Fortis but a first in the healthcare industry, whereby the aim is to build positive associations and expectations from the ‘hospital brand’ that leads people to trust every doctor that they see at that hospital. Fortis wants to build this positioning and create preference by highlighting its superior medical expertise and proven clinical excellence,” Dudeja explained.

When asked about what kind of consumer study or research they undertook before the making of the campaign, Dudeja replied, “Key consumer insight was that when it comes to the health of loved ones, people don’t want to take even 1 per cent chance, as they believe that even the smallest of errors can extract a high price.”

The creative brief

The brief to the agency was simple – Fortis wants to position the brand on the promise of “Excellence Uncompromised”.

Dudeja said, “At Fortis, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that we don’t make any compromise in how we deliver cutting edge medical care to our patients. This comes from a core insight of our customers, wherein we learnt that when it’s a matter of health, people do not want to take any chances as they fear that even a small error can extract a high price. So, the brand must intervene at a level where people can have supreme amount of trust and confidence that here’s a place that won’t leaving anything to chance and will give its absolute 100 per cent.”

He further said that the agency’s response to the brief was to look at the story of ‘Excellence Uncompromised’ from the lens of the patient. “That made us look at a very fundamental emotion in the space of healthcare – the emotion of ‘hope’. So, the entire bedrock of creative thinking from this stage onwards was around looking at bringing alive real patient stories where the ‘Excellence Uncompromised’ spirit of the brand leads to hope getting a fighting chance for our patients, where all looked lost until Fortis intervened,” he added.

The media mix

The channel agnostic media mix comprises digital, in-cinema channel, TV, print, OOH, radio, etc.

Dudeja said, “We’ll use TV as the lead medium to reach a large number of people. We also plan to use the digital medium and have developed a microsite, , which will give people a chance to become a hand of hope themselves, via a Facebook app, whereby people can bring their friends as hands of hope. Fortis will contribute Re 1 to every hand of hope for underprivileged children.

The challenges

According to Leo Burnett’ Ravpreet Ganesh, the biggest challenge for them was to tell the story of the brand in a manner that was as close to reality as possible, because they were looking at bringing alive a true story of a Fortis patient. So, everything from the script to the filmmaking had to be stripped off classical advertising cues. “But as we started working in this direction, we realised that this is rather turning into an opportunity to create work that’s very fresh and very believable and we are very glad it’s turned out like that,” he added.

“We thought it is best to tell the story from a patient’s lens and not from the brand’s perspective. The idea was to establish an emotional connect with patients and their families. Thus, the emotion of hope became centre stage of this campaign. Hope is all a family has when they are living with a disease, and we, through our campaign, have tried to establish how Fortis intervenes to keep this emotion of hope stay alive,” Ganesh concluded.

The TVC:


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