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Guest Times unveils a new love story in its episodic musical ad campaign

The campaign, conceptualised by M&C Saatchi, narrates the love story of two young individuals and how Gaana plays an important role in their relationship

Shanta Saikia | Delhi | June 29, 2015

Dil-Ka-Gaana Click on the image to watch the TVC.

The co-relation between music and love has long been established and has decided to re-establish the truth further. Following its first musical campaign, ‘Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana’, is releasing a new musical advertising campaign, ‘Dil Ka Gaana’, which captures and follows the love story between two characters – Ayaan Khanna and Rhea Bajaj.

Using a series of episodes capturing the musical journey of these two young protagonists, Gaana will weave a romantic tale to woo the viewers.

The campaign, conceptualised by M&C Saatchi, showcases what is touted as India’s first musical episodic series capturing a modern day love story of two strangers coming together because of music.

The music has been composed by Amit Trivedi and sung by Ash King and Neeti Mohan.

Produced by Gaana Productions, a trailer of the short film hit television screens on World Music Day, June 21, 2015.

The main campaign will be launched in the first week of July and will run on multiple media, with high focus on digital.

Pratik Mazumder Pratik Mazumder

Pratik Mazumder, Head-Marketing, Times Internet, elaborated, “After the stupendous success of ‘Bas bajna chahiye Gaana’ campaign, we wanted to showcase how Gaana can make life awesome. Using a storytelling format, we narrate a beautiful love story of two young individuals and how Gaana plays an important role in their relationship and that’s what ‘Dil Ka Gaana’ is about. We all know music connects people. Sometimes a moment of musical magic connects deeper and creates lifelong bonds. with its wide array of music content helps create moments of such magic.”

He further said, “ stands for music and it was natural that the ad campaign also is a musical. We used the same philosophy in our first campaign, ‘Bas bajna chahiye Gaana’, and continue to use it in the new one.”

Anjali Nayar Anjali Nayar

Anjali Nayar, President, M&C Saatchi New Delhi, added here, “Our entire campaign this time was based on how music can bring two people together. The insight was basically how the first signs of true love happen only when you discover a common interest. And one of the most telling signs of compatibility is if you love the same music. Because ‘I love his playlist’ actually goes deeper than ‘I love his eyes’.”

Nirmal Pulickal Nirmal Pulickal

Nirmal Pulickal, Managing Director & Creative Head, M&C Saatchi New Delhi, said, “We decided to look at young love. But not just the initial attraction bit. We looked at all facets of love. Attraction/ Intimacy/ Estrangement/ Trust/ Commitment. Go through all the emotions one experiences. From the initial adrenaline rush to anguish and the euphoria of the reunion. And we decided to step back and look at this not like an ad campaign, but to do it like a Bollywood movie about love.”

The TVC:



Client: Times Internet


Creative Team: Anjali Nayyar, Nirmal Pulickal

Production Team: Kalpana Udyawar, Mustafa Chawniwala

Production House: RU Films

Director of the ad film: Ravi Udyawar

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