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Zee Classic intertwines some filmi magic in mundane lives

Created by Whyness Worldwide, the brand films reconstruct the scenes from cult classics such as ‘Sholay’ and ‘Padosan’ and merge them with contemporary situations and characters

Aanchal Kohli | Mumbai | May 18, 2015

Zee-Classic--filmi-magic Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Zee Classic unveiled its brand films highlighting its core proposition of ‘Woh Zamaana, Kare Deewana’ during the telecast of its musical concert ‘RD Night’ on April 26, 2015.

The insight behind the new brand films was simple – classic cinema, with its intrinsic value, has the ability to transport you to a different world which today’s films rarely do. This was also in sync with the channel’s positioning – ‘Bhool Jao Sab Kuch aur Kho Jao Zee Classic ki Haseen Duniya Mein’.

Designed and developed by Whyness and produced by Abstract Films, the films are directed by Pariskhit Vaidya. BestMediaInfo caught up with Vaidya and Ravi Deshpande, Founder and Chairman, Whyness Worldwide to understand the creative background of the films.

Deshpande elaborated that Zee Classic approached Whyness Worldwide with a unique problem that the channel was largely attracting an older audience. It now wanted to reach out to a younger audience (people in their mid-thirties and even twenties) by showcasing the blockbusters of the 70s and 80s.

“The challenge was to convince young audience that Zee Classic delivers an entertainment that is exciting, memorable and still relevant to their modern tastes, sensibilities and culture. The other challenge was in terms of the actual production of the films. The home work, fitting the main actors into classic scenes, the transition from modern day to a classic film, everything had to be just flawless,” Deshpande added.

According to Vaidya, “The difference between movies of today and those of yesteryears is that today’s movies, even while they entertain us, they don’t let us forget about our realities, our daily social and psychological challenges. But in my opinion, that’s not the case when we watch movies from the past. Movies from the past are like stories straight from the books and novels. Closer to fantasy and hence away from the harshness of day to day life. And that’s exactly what these films try to communicate. We all have worries and hardships in our lives, but then we are also sure of the fact that you will forget them for a little while and escape into a world of fantasy when you experience these great classics on the Zee Classic channel.”

In terms of challenges, Vaidya said, it was getting the right performance and keeping the viewers’ interest intact. The second half of the ad film shouldn’t look forced. I guess I have achieved that. We had to find the right cast to do justice to the characters. There was also the technical challenge of merging the characters from the present with the footage from classic films.”

The ad films encapsulate the ethos of bringing alive an era of films that not only enchanted but was also revered by the audiences. Rehashing the cult classic path-breaking films such as ‘Sholay’ and ‘Padosan’, the brand films reconstruct the scenes merged with contemporary situations and characters.

The first film shows a harried executive having a bad day in office. As he ends his day in office and heads home, he gets on to the local train only to encounter Jai and Veeru from ‘Sholay’. The executive gets pulled into the action as he joins the famous duo from the classic film in fighting the dacoits trying to board the train, capturing the thrill and action envisaged probably by every average adventure seeking Joe.

In the second film, a young girl defiantly tells her parents that she is not ready to get married, yet. Even as her parents helplessly try to convince her, she storms into her room... only to be serenaded by Sunil Dutt singing ‘Mere saamne waali khidki mein’ from the classic Bollywood comedy ‘Padosan’, capturing the innocence of love at first sight between naïve Bhola (Sunil Dutt) and his lovely neighbour played by Radhika Apte.

Deshpande said the Zee Classic TVCs had already been widely appreciated by both the target audience and the advertising fraternity. He also mentioned that there might be one more TVC in this entertaining Zee Classic campaign.

“I couldn’t have asked for more. We have got and are still getting tremendous response from the industry people as well as people on social platforms such Facebook, etc. Families and friends and above all, the client seem to be extremely satisfied too,” Vaidya added.

The TVCs:




Client: Zee Classic

Team: Ruchir Tiwari, Rinku Biswas, Joy Mukharjee

Creative agency: Whyness

Script: Ravi Deshpande

Creative Directors: Ravi Deshpande, Ranjit Sashidharan

Client Management: Chetan Mane

Agency Producer: Joon Obheroi

Director: Parikshit Vaidya

Production: Abstract Films

Producers: Bijoy Dowerah, Maxen Chakalakal

DOP: Bijitesh De

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