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Andbeyond.media launches on-demand native advertising marketplace

Founders Karan Gupta and Pankil Mehta were part of the contextual advertising network, Affinity, prior to this new venture

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | March 18, 2015


With native advertising gaining prominence in the digital ecosystem, Andbeyond.media has launched an on-demand native marketing marketplace. Founded by Karan Gupta and Pankil Mehta, the company has rolled out a platform for displaying and managing native advertising content across devices.

The company claimed that regardless of the brand’s custom creative sizes or the publisher layout, using Andbeyond.media technology will result in 100 per cent viewable and transparent impressions for the buyer and on demand placements, which are most optimised for the publisher to deliver the most suited ad only when it meets all criteria of targeting and price.

Commenting on the launch of the platform, Karan Gupta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Andbeyond.media, said, “We couldn’t have asked for a better time to unveil our recently launched product offering, which has been built with an objective to solve a number of publisher problems while adding value and additional revenue to their business models. Benefiting not only the publishers, the programmatic buyers are the key advertisers in our ecosystem, who are already accessing RTB supply via large exchanges and now only have to enable a new source of a native ad marketplace within global platforms like Google AdX, Adtech Marketplace and Appnexus.”

Pankil Mehta, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Andbeyond.media, added here, “Our suite of tools enables brands to connect to a wide variety of existing creative sources to generate a top-of-the-funnel brand lift opportunity on targeted inventory. Publishers can now utilise standard IAB banner, video and rich media in previously unused space across their entire network without burdening their tech teams.”

The company further explained that supply-side users leverage Andbeyond.media to display engaging On Demand Native ad experiences with CTRs and RPMs that not only create incremental revenues, but exceed standard ad banner performance metrics by creating placements within the page in real time using the most optimum size and space available. Meanwhile, demand side buyers and brands use Andbeyond.media for ease across multiple sites at a previously unreachable scale with 100 per cent viewability, transparency across devices using multiple format choices eliminating the tech, creative and cost pain points over programmatic channels.

“Driving new revenue streams for your websites and the ingenuity of our algorithm accomplishes the growth of your business. Andbeyond.media technology was developed to understand context, determine intent and auction ad space via programmatic channels using RTB platforms. Both supply and demand are managed via the platform, which delivers the highest ROI for advertisers and new revenue earning potential for publishers,” added Gupta.


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