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Lux captures ‘real beauty’ through the lens of a blind photographer

JWT had the challenge to make the film in such a way so as to not evoke viewers’ pity for visually impaired photographer Bhavesh Patel

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | February 5, 2015

Lux-captures-real-beauty Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Lux has launched a new campaign, titled ‘Discover the power of fragrances’, featuring Katrina Kaif. But what makes this film endearing is the presence of a Mumbai-based blind photographer named Bhavesh Patel, who captures the gorgeous actress in his lens. The campaign has been conceptualised by JWT and through this two-minute film describes what real beauty stands for.

The film starts with the voiceover of the photographer, who says, “Taking the picture of a gorgeous woman seems easy... but for me, beauty must exude from her personality, her laugh”. The next scene shows Katrina entering the studio with her usual charm and grace and then the voiceover goes on to narrate ‘how the whole mood changed as soon as she walked in’. As Bhavesh starts clicking her pictures, he asks her to face the light. The voiceover describes every detail, how “her aura, her spirit, her fragrance, overwhelmed me... It was as if telling me something, but what struck me the most was her fragrance, which pulled me towards her. It is my belief that when people look beautiful, people around her can sense it. It’s beauty that one can almost touch”.

Bhavesh then reveals the secret behind all the pictures which he clicks and says that it is fragrance which forms a vision in his head. And then, all he does is click. Towards the end he tells Katrina that he is curious to know if she has liked the pictures, to which she replies “They are amazing!”

Tista Sen Tista Sen

Commenting on the brief, Tista Sen, National Creative Director, JWT, said, “It was about fragrances, which had to be upfront and how best you can demonstrate it was the trick. By all means, it had to be authentic and not the usual take on fragrances. Beauty brands have always been about perfume and what people feel. It is about one using it and the other getting it, so for this campaign, we had to reposition it to make it more real.”

When asked how they spotted Bhavesh, Sen replied, “We approached the National School for Blind and studied their portfolio. We saw Bhavesh there and besides the beautiful pictures he had taken, we had the belief that he could pull it off well.”

The agency conceived, planned and prepared everything meticulously because they had just one day with Katrina. But the toughest part was the post shoot part, where they had to go through 40 edits to tell the story in the most evocative way. “Challenges in front of us were that we had to make the film in such a way so that viewers don’t feel pity for Bhavesh. Also, to celebrate what real beauty stands for,” Sen added.

Was there a whiff of fragrance?

OR Radhakrishnan OR Radhakrishnan

O.R. Radhakrishnan, Executive Creative Director, Enormous Brands loved the concept of fragrance in the ad. According to him, “Lux has always used celebrities, most often to amplify the ‘sundar, komal twacha', but this time around, it is not just the surface level beauty that they are talking about but something much deeper. Also, the way, the brand has used the sensorial benefit of the product is quiet refreshing.”

Joybrato Dutta Joybrato Dutta

Joybrato Dutta, Creative Group Head, Scarecrow Communications, commented, “Lux’s message ‘The power of fragrance’ is beautifully narrated by a photographer who sets his frames based on fragrance. Probably the fact that the photographer is blind came in too early. It could have been a nice twist. Also, these days beautiful stories are being created around cancer survivors, autistic sons and puny fathers. This film is just following the trend.” Is the attempt impressive? Dutta replied, “I don’t really agree with their definition of real beauty. Fragrance isn’t real beauty.”

Sagar Kapoor Sagar Kapoor

Sagar Kapoor, Executive Creative Director, Lowe Lintas felt that the concept of ‘Real beauty’ was forced upon here. “The ad did not strike me as hard as it was ‘designed’ to. The brand is still trying hard to push the perfume bit of Lux. So, overall an underwhelming experience, but hats off to the photographer though!”

The TVC:



Agency: JWT Mumbai & Singapore

Creative: Tista Sen, Simone Patrick, Tina Sachdev

Account Management: Kishore Tadepalli, Roneeta Ghosh, Ahibroto Roy

Films: Anupama Ahluwalia, Shradha Singh

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