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Adfest 2015: Gunn Report, punk attitude, kickass design...

Adfest will host 20 speaker sessions over the course of three days from March 19 to 21 in Pattaya, Thailand

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 2, 2015

ADFEST-2015-SPEAKERSAdfest has unveiled the first of its Speaker Sessions for 2015 in a programme that includes 20 of the world’s most visionary creative leaders. The programme will be held in Pattaya, Thailand from March 19 to 21.

Emma Wilkie is returning to Adfest for the world premiere of The Gunn Report 2014, which will be unveiled on March 19. “Expect to see all the league tables, all the winners, lavishly illustrated by the world’s best ads that defined 2014,” said Wilkie, Managing Director of The Gunn Report in London.

Wilkie has been Donald Gunn’s collaborator and co-presenter of The Gunn Report since January 2003. She started her career in the Creative Department of DDB Needham Worldwide (now Adam&EveDDB London), later creating The Gunn Report company with Donald Gunn in 2007.

March 19 will also see Laurent Thevenet, Technology Director at Proximity Singapore, talk about the emergence of inspiring new creative models involving more disciplines beyond just art and copy; and evolved creative teams who break the rules, think differently, and are ultra-reactive.

According to Thevenet, “We are in a period of incredible change. Technology is changing social behaviours and media consumption. Our industry needs to adapt and quickly. My talk will be about what it takes to innovate from the point of view of a technologist leading a team of innovators and doers at Proximity Singapore. A group of people who react to business problems by making things happen, building a next generation agency.”

Thevenet has been leading technology at Proximity Singapore since December 2012, where he works across clients, including Visa, Exxon, Fonterra, Mercedes and Guinness.

Punk rocker turned music supervisor Marcel Wiebenga will explain punk’s attitude and ethics, and more importantly, give insights on how they relate to his current work as a music supervisor and the advertising world in general.

Wiebenga, who is Partner, Business Development Director and Music Supervisor at Sizzer Amsterdam, said, “Most of what I know is by being in a band, sitting in a van, travelling the world
 and you know what: I’m doing quite alright and to be honest, I’m having as much fun in this crazy ad world.”

He has worked on award-winning advertising films for Audi, Diesel, Remax, Schweppes, Citroen and Assassin’s Creed, among others.

On March 20, Uncanny Valley’s Justin Shave and Charlton Hill will examine the evolution of human response to audio, and the psychology behind music use as a brand tool. “Whether we’re producing artist-driven records, creating a sting for a major brand or working to integrate audio into new technologies, our experiences in delivering music and sound to clients all over the world have given us a unique perspective on the anatomy of sound,” said the duo.

Thai designer Pum Lefebure will dissect and showcase examples of how she integrates a Thai sensibility with American design, connecting the East and the West. Her session will show people it is possible to integrate passion and creativity into everyday life to be a more motivating leader.

Lefebure is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Design Army in Washington, DC, and Jury President of Design Lotus and Print Craft Lotus at Adfest 2015.


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