Storytelling at its best as Titan Raga raises a toast to the woman of today

The campaign, conceptualised by Ogilvy India, tells the story of a woman who is aware of her self-worth and secure in a new-found fulfilling relationship with herself

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Storytelling at its best as Titan Raga raises a toast to the woman of today

Storytelling at its best as Titan Raga raises a toast to the woman of today

The campaign, conceptualised by Ogilvy India, tells the story of a woman who is aware of her self-worth and secure in a new-found fulfilling relationship with herself

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | December 17, 2014

Titan-Raga Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Titan Raga has released a new campaign, 'Her Life Her Choices', which raises a toast to the woman of today who is strong, bold and confident. It also highlights that the codes of femininity are changing and new expressions of womanhood are being formed. The campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy India tells the story of a woman, who is aware of her self-worth and secure in a new-found fulfilling relationship with herself.

Piyush Pandey Piyush Pandey

Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, South Asia, said, "Titan Raga is an evolved watch for the evolved woman of today – a woman who's self-respecting and confident. Her story has been beautifully captured by Vivek Kakkad of Curious Films. I am really looking forward to the women of India seeing it – more power to them!"

joono-simon Joono Simon

Joono Simon, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy South, commented, "There was a time, not long ago, when Indian brands made a habit of perpetuating gender stereotypes from the past. Raga broke this stereotype with its consistent portrayal of a spirited woman with an air of sensual power. In the new commercial, the brand steps up to portray a self-assured, assertive woman who reminds us that, as far as her life is concerned, she is firmly in charge and that she alone has the ability to decide what's good for her. I'm sure the commercial would inspire many modern women to go out and grab her rightful place under the sun."

The film tells the story of one such strong woman and her chance encounter with a past love at an international airport lounge, while both are travelling on business trips. They are genuinely happy to see each other, after such a long time. As they both sit down to talk, the man finds out that she is still not married, to which the woman replies that she could never find time out from work. He then makes her realise that she could have made their relationship work, had she left her job back then. As they talk, fissures of their earlier relationship are revealed – he had wanted her to stop working and she had refused. The surprising part being that even after all these years, he still wants to get her, but at the cost of her career. In the end, the woman tells him, “Now I understand, why you told me in the beginning that you are still the same as I had left you.”

Raga woman is played by actor Nimrat Kaur (of The Lunchbox and Homeland fame) and Kapil Sharma plays the guy. The 65 and 45 seconds version have been released on television and there is a longer version on YouTube. It will mainly be a television campaign, but internet, cinema and OOH are also a part of the promotional strategy.

Rajan Amba Rajan Amba

Sharing his views on the TVC, Rajan Amba, GM, Titan Watches and Accessories, said, “This campaign is a result of a great team which was behind it. After internally assessing, that the association with Titan Raga till date has been more 'sensual and self-spaced', we decided to take it forward to 'confidence'. Research agency Quantum has helped us with their findings that - today we are seeing a new side of a woman, who is independent and free-spirited. And through this new film, we are happy to reflect this new dimension that defines the woman of today.”

“The ideal target audience for Raga is between 25 to 35 years, and more. Challenge, per say, while executing this campaign, was that we didn't want to alienate our wide consumer base. I'm sure this film will appeal to every modern woman because it captures the essence beautifully,” added Amba.

Bull's Eye?

Here's what ad folk had to say about the TVC:

Nima DT Namchu Nima DT Namchu

“The new Titan Raga commercial is perhaps one of best commercials that I have watched this year. It's sharply targeted and has a very high repeat value. At one level, it is a straightforward story about a progressive woman and a conventional male chauvinist, written and crafted to appease the ladies in the audience. But, I think what makes it really hit the bull's eye is the underlying theme of “the one that got away”. A perfect cast, flawless direction and very sensitive editing. Loved it!” said Nima DT Namchu, Chief Creative Officer, Cheil India.

Siddhartha Roy Siddhartha Roy

Echoing similar thoughts, Siddhartha Roy, Chief Operating Officer, Happy Creative Services, said, “The Titan Raga campaign is a perfect amalgamation of strategy, idea & execution. And, most importantly, the cultural backdrop against which it's been set. Kudos to team Ogilvy & Mather! It is one of my personal favourite commercials this season.”

Saurabh Dasgupta Saurabh Dasgupta

Saurabh Dasgupta, Executive Creative director, Innocean, said, “I found the character of the man in this film to be quite disturbing, because it exposes our mindset and our approach towards women which is just like an object, with the sole intent of possessing her. This guy wanted the girl back in his life, but without her mind. It, therefore, highlights that men have a lot of changing to do. In fact, it is not only the men, but the entire societal fabric which needs to undergo a change, in terms of their approach to women.”

KV Sridhar KV Sridhar

KV Sridhar, Chief Creative Officer, Sapient Nitro, had 'mixed feelings' after watching the ad which, he says, is a great example of good storytelling. “I liked it because the intention is great. Yes, women are made to suffer in their careers, half of them drop their career after marriage, a few leave it after having children and also while shifting. It is mostly the women who have to suffer. So, this is a perfect case of gender sensitivity. But, having said that, the pedigree of the brand Raga is very Indian, so probably the settings, the costumes could have been more Indian. Right now, it is heavily westernised, but nonetheless, it is a fabulous attempt and a great story,” he said.

The TVC:


Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore

Executive Creative Director: Joono Simon

Group Creative Director: Arkadyuti Basu

Creative Director/ Copywriter: Reshma Tonse

Account Planning: Sreenesh Bhat, Susan Mathen

Account Management: Tithi Ghosh, Sindhu Menon, Akshatha Poojari

Agency producer: Rajib Baruah

Production House: Curious

Director: Vivek Kakkad

Producer: Shahzad Bhagwagar

Cast: Nimrat Kaur and Kapil Sharma

Music: Abhishek Arora

Media Agency: Maxus