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Officer’s Choice invokes the ‘officer’ in people to do the right thing

The campaign positions Officer’s Choice as a brand that believes in doing the right things for the larger good and encourages the common man to do the same

BestMedia Info Bureau | Mumbai | December 30, 2014

Officers-Choice Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), India’s third-largest and the fastest-growing spirits company, has launched a campaign titled ‘Jagaiye Apne Andar Ka Officer’. The film has been conceptualised by Metaphor.

By taking into account real life situations, the video inspires the common man to go above and beyond the ordinary and discover his own self-esteem. The campaign positions Officer’s Choice as a brand that believes in doing the right things for the larger good and encourages the common man to do the same.

The video, three minutes and 21 seconds long, is divided into different motivating short stories.The film starts with a boy riding his bicycle when he notices an injured pigeon lying on the road. He stops to pick the bird up and carefully places it in his helmet and takes it away safely. In the second story, set amidst a huge fire in a residential building, a brave cameraperson goes beyond the call of duty to rescue an old woman stuck in the building. The third segment shows a man heading for a job interview when he notices that somebody has left her admission papers and money behind in the auto. Instead of going for the interview, he rushes to the university, finds the girl and returns the documents and money.

In the fourth story, workers are shown protesting outside the factory as the owner and a senior person enter in their car. While the owner remains seated inside, the senior joins the protest as he realises the importance of safety for workmen. The owner relents in the end. Several such instances are shown –a man giving his jacket to the needy, a boy helping a pregnant lady, someone rescuing a boy from an anticipated accident. All the protagonists towards the end are bestowed with imaginary officers’ badges for their bravery and helpful attitude.

Atul Purohit, Creative Director, Metaphor, said, "I saw this anthem as an opportunity to impact and inspire the lives of a generation. This opportunity truly inspired me to awaken the True Officer within myself, and drive home a powerful, yet heartfelt message – that of making the right choices in each of life's situations, and reach out to those in need. I took it on as a responsibility to bring a change to the society, by inspiring common people like you and I to go above and beyond their call of duty to make this world a better and safer place, without chasing any external gratification whatsoever. Watching this idea come to life with video and audio, in the soulful voice of Shaan, reaffirmed my belief in the ability of advertising to lead change."

Ahmed Rahimtoola Ahmed Rahimtoola

Ahmed Rahimtoola, Senior VP, Marketing, Allied Blenders and Distillers, said, “The new campaign is based on the righteousness platform through a deep and insightful understanding of the target group. It is a tribute to those who have stood up for what they believe in. No matter what obstacles they face, they will always do the right thing. The campaign embodies the aspirations of the common man who wants to be recognised for his deeds. Officer’s Choice has taken a bold step to position the brand on the righteous platform and take up social issues.”

The TVC:



Client: Allied Blenders and Distillers

Agency: Metaphor

Creative Team: Atul Purohit

Client Servicing: Vinay Khilnani

Production House: Film & Shots

Director: Aman Sachdeva

Producer: Aman Sachdeva

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