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Disney India beefs up weekend content for family viewing

The channel will initially launch five new shows and three brand films which are being used for promotions, all under the banner of ‘Shaniwar Raviwar only for Pariwar’

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | December 23, 2014


Kid’s entertainment channel, Disney India, has announced the launch of weekend special content titled ‘Shaniwar Raviwar only for Pariwar’ targeted at family viewing, towards the second half of January 2015.

The ten-year-old channel, which started successfully as a kid’s channel, has been winning not only children’s loyalty but also parental approval and respect for the brand. Therefore, the channel decided that the right time was right to take the next level of progression and start entertaining the other members of the family, along with the kids.

Since its launch, Disney Channel has always enjoyed a significant share of co-viewing with adults tuning in along with kids. Today, 31.3 million (CS 25+) are enjoying the content compared with 6.6 million in 2005. It was also found that more families come together and watch television during weekends. In the last 13 weeks, 82.7 million adults (CS25+) have tuned to television during weekends.

Vijay Subramaniam Vijay Subramaniam

Vijay Subramaniam, VP – Content and Communications, Media Networks, Disney India, said, “It is a weekend strategy to tap into the progressive mindset of the Indian family. Therefore, it will be kid-centric, family inclusive programming. We are initially launching our weekend programming with five new properties with three hours of fresh content. The stories are unique, self contained and quite against the landscape of soap opera entertainment. In every single story, we are celebrating family and bringing out the ethos of togetherness.”

“The properties will be finite and will depend on the story line. You will find that each serial will be of different durations, like 44 minutes, 22 minutes and some even shorter. The main reason behind this is because we have given the creator the freedom of storytelling and deciding on the duration to do justice to the plot. We have a pipeline which will see us through the next 24 months,” he informed.

The New shows

‘Maan Na Maan Mein Tera Mehman’, produced by Optimystix, tells the story of an urban happy go-lucky family which discovers an ancient photo frame on an adventure trip. They soon understand that the photo frame brings to life any person whose picture is placed in it. ‘Kabhi Aise Geet Gaya Karo’, from the ‘Cinevistas Production House’ celebrates the unity, values and ethics of a tightly-knit Chaudhary Fmily. Each of them has a distinct personality and their love and respect for each other unites them. It is this unity that enables the family to face all challenges life throws at them with a smile. ‘Goldie Ahuja Matric Pass’ produced by Troublemakers tells the story of Goldie, a 40-year-old high school dropout who is forced to go back to school, because his uncle has left him an inheritance with a condition: that he needs to complete his schooling to be eligible for the property inheritance.

Details of the other two serials are yet to be announced by the channel.

3 brand films made by Taproot

Three new brand films have been released, which have been conceptualised by Taproot. The first one – ‘Proposal with a Twist’ – shows how a cool set of in-laws open-heartedly welcome the girl whom their son has chosen as his life partner. Initially, they try to grill the girl, but towards the end of the film, the mood and the tone change to leg pulling of their own son.  The second film – ‘A Goodbye that will touch your hearts’ – shows a family which has come to drop their young boy at the airport as he going abroad for higher studies. When his mom asks him to say proper goodbyes, he gets irritated and runs away from them saying ‘Goodbye, see you two-three years later’. But, he soon realises what he has just said and comes back to hug everyone in his family and bid them a proper goodbye.

The third film – ‘Best Advice from a Grandfather’ – starts with showing a family out for dinner. The young teenage girl is sad because she has just gone through a breakup and her grandfather decides to cheer her up by sharing fun incidents in her dad’s, uncle’s and his life, what they did when they had gone through a breakup. The old man at the end tells her, ‘Dil tootega nahi to koi jodega kaise’.

All three films end with the message that now Disney is no longer for kids, but for the entire family’s viewing.

Marketing push

Commenting on the marketing plans, Subramaniam said, “We will be creating lots of sampling opportunities for viewers to come and see our new content. Promotion will mainly be audio visual, driven by DTH. Digital activities have also been lined up, but there are no plans as of now for any outdoor and other marketing activities.”

Talking of ad rates, Subramaniam said that as the kid’s entertainment space is highly under-leveraged, “our aim would be to move up the ladder and catch up to the pricing of GECs.”

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