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'HE' pays tribute to 'HIM'

The deodorant brand’s anthem ‘Show Men Some Love’, created by Orchard Advertising, encapsulates, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, how little things done by men are often ignored

'HE' pays tribute to 'HIM'

The deodorant brand’s anthem ‘Show Men Some Love’, created by Orchard Advertising, encapsulates, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, how little things done by men are often ignored

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | November 20, 2014

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On the occasion of the first International Men’s Day celebration in India, on November 19, HE Deodorants released a light-hearted online video titled ‘Show Men Some Love’, to highlight all the little efforts men make for their loved ones. The anthem, created by Orchard Advertising, encapsulates, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, how men, day-in and day-out, have to live up to very high standards of personal, professional and societal expectations, and yet there is no mark of appreciation for their round-the-clock duties. In fact, to make this day special, the brand also urged people to wear the colour blue as a simple gesture to show their love to men.

RajDeepak Das RajDeepak Das

Commenting on the campaign, Rajdeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett, said, “In India, we celebrate so many ‘special’ days throughout the year – Women’s Day, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day and even Rose Day! But when it comes out to men, there is no such special day in honour of them. So, we decided to celebrate Men’s Day, and what better brand than HE deodorants to do this!”

The nearly four-minute long video speaks of all those little things which men do and no one notices. From shooing off a lizard in the house, to changing the bulb of the bedroom and even making sure that the flush is working properly. They take responsibility for all the things inside the house as well as outside. They play so many different roles in their daily lives. A father, a son, a husband, a boyfriend, a friend - they love you in different avatars. But, they get nothing in return. The jingle ‘So Not Fair’ keeps playing in the background and the video ends with the message ‘show men some love by wearing blue on Men’s Day on November 19’.

It is a 360-degree integrated campaign with more emphasis on digital. The anthem #ShowMenSomeLove has got around 3 lakh views on YouTube. In print, on the day of International Men’s Day, HE Deodorants made the newspaper fragrant. The accompanying message read - ‘To celebrate everything men do for their loved ones, we’ve made this newspaper fragrant. You too can #ShowMenSomeLove by wearing blue today.’

Harsha V Agarwal Harsha V Agarwal

Sharing the thought behind the new campaign, Harsha V Agarwal, Director, Emami Limited, said, “The idea of alpha males has fallen out of favour for quite some time now. HE deodorant, as a brand, epitomises the evolved man who tries to ‘be interesting’ in his everyday accomplishments. Hence, the brand heralds the emergence of positive role models in the society who do not shy away from obligations, but lends their charming touch to everything. The brand campaign focusses on the fun element and urges people to wear blue to celebrate Men’s Day, which, in no way, undermines the role of women in our society.”

Here’s what the ad ‘men’ think about the initiative:

Prathap Suthan Prathap Suthan

Prathap Suthan, Chief Creative Officer, BangInTheMiddle, hails the campaign as ‘a little ray of sunshine’. “In the last few years, especially after the Nirbhaya incident, there has been so much of badgering of men and generalisation going on, that there is an anti-men wave in the country right now. It is, therefore, a nice campaign and very subtly, they have broached upon a serious issue,” he explained.

He further added, “It is a fact that we men need to be constantly told and reminded of how we need to change. But, one also needs to remember that, at the end of everything, Men need women and women need men. Our future depends on both of them. So, there is no point criticising all the men around you every time, because everyone is not the same. I guess this video should be taken in the right spirit, because, according to me, the meter to check the evolution of your society is the ability to laugh at itself.”

Anshul Sushil Anshul Sushil

Anshul Sushil, Co-founder & Creative Director of Boring Brands, had this to say - “This ad finally gives men a share of voice in this bad world. Captured beautifully, the video emphasises on the minor incidents of our life when men are ignored. Execution wise, I feel they have done a good job, however, the script looks slightly loose and could have captured more humorous examples to create a stronger impact.”

Anaa Peshimam Anaa Peshimam

The women folk too are all praises for the campaign. For Anaa Peshimam, Group Account Manager, FoxyMoron, this video is a great relief from the usual deodorant ads. "In a market cluttered with clichéd deodorant advertisements, this brand has taken a very different route. As an idea, it stands out, especially because 'Men's Day' has not been overdone by brands yet. However, in the digital space, where attention spans are low, one must quickly get the message across. Therefore, I feel the brand could have done it equally well with a slightly shorter song," she opined.

Nancy Bhasin Singh Nancy Bhasin Singh

Nancy Bhasin Singh, Creative Planner, D&H Blurb Communication, pointed out that the anthem begs us to drop our feminist jingoism, if only for a day. “Without being over critical, if you can actually give this nearly four-minute long rant a listen, it’s bound to make you smile at one point or the other. As people, we’ve been conditioned to look at men a certain way. They are everything that is wrong with our society, but they are also the ones we fall back on for every little thing. They are under constant pressure to look and behave a certain way. If they don’t show any emotion, they are insensitive; if they show emotion, they are dismissed as pansies. They are our favourite punching bags. So, the anthem really puts this paradox out there, in a harmless way. You can dismiss it as another promotional song and dance routine or laugh it off, but you still find yourself thinking, ‘that’s actually true’. And, if advertising can do that for you, I think you have a home run,” she commented.

Renita Dsilva Renita Dsilva

Renita Dsilva, Account Manager, Gozoop, “loved the video”. She is of the opinion that the tune of the video is catchy and is able to give out the message in an adorable manner. According to Kanika Tiwari, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Affinity Global Inc, “The brand’s video is kind of a shout-out! It a lighter take on the positive contributions men make and should be taken in the same spirit."

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Client: HE Deodorants Agency: Orchard Advertising, Mumbai Creative Team: Prajato Guha, Sachin Kamble, Aalap Desai, Saurabh Dubey, Amit Pandya, Manas Keer, Mustafa Shaikh, Shiva Yadav Account Management Team: Oindrila Roy, Prashant Gopalakrishnan, Vikram Vohra Director: Himanshu M Sharma Producer: Abhishek Chandra DOP: Bharathwaaj Subbu Editor : Sanjay Mishra Executive Producer : Sonali Gupta Sharma Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya Music: Bobo Amartya Rahut

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