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Colors announces magnum opus ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’

The show’s story has been written by renowned author Ashok Banker and will chronicle the valour and greatness of emperor Ashoka

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | October 6, 2014

colors-newColors has announced the advent of a new journey by taking viewers one step closer to Indian history with its show ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’. In keeping with the pulse of the audience, ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’ narrates the valour and greatness of India’s greatest emperor whose life’s experiences continue to be meaningful lessons for the audience even today. The story has been written by acclaimed author Ashok Banker, and is being produced by Contiloe Entertainment.

One of the primary components of India’s rich cultural heritage, the compelling story of emperor Ashoka has given us the dogmas that are an integral part of the present day Republic of India like the Ashoka Chakra, Ashoka Pillars and the Ashoka Mudra. The historical retelling of his tale through ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’ will showcase the journey and life of emperor Ashoka, from his rise to power to his state of penance after the gory bloodbath in the battle of Kalinga, that made him give up war to embrace Buddhism. His story will be retold through the words of Banker who will be making his comeback to television after nearly two decades.

Raj Nayak Raj Nayak

Raj Nayak, CEO, Colors, said, “Nothing gives us more joy than recreating history by narrating the story of one of the greatest rulers of India. We are currently in the initial stages of production where the lion just can’t wait to roar. This is a big show for Colors and we will be putting all our resources behind it. All the splendour and majesty of this great emperor will come alive on this extraordinary series, as we promise to take our viewers through important chapters in Indian history. Further, the show’s concept and universal appeal is bound to entice our marketers and advertisers, while creating multiple avenues to enable us to reach out to our collective target audiences.”

“It has been a long and tedious process of carefully joining the dots and putting together a regal story for viewers. While the epic story of Ashoka, the great Mauryan emperor, is waiting to be told, we hope to recreate history on Indian television with our significant efforts of retelling this great tale of ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’ that changed the face of India’s cultural heritage,” said Banker.

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