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Nestle is back with the ‘Superbabies’ to reinforce importance of breastfeeding

McCann has conceptualised the two-minute animated rap video which talks about the benefits of breastfeeding from babies’ perspective

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | August 11, 2014

Superbabies Click on the image to watch the Video.

The cute little Superbabies are back! Yes, we are talking about Neslte India’s digital campaign which started last year to reinforce the importance of breastfeeding. This year also, on the occasion of Breastfeeding Week, the company released a video named ‘Superbaby’ which talks about the benefits of breastfeeding from babies’ perspective. McCann was brought on board for the conceptualisation of the two-minute rap video which has been released on YouTube.

The aim of this year’s campaign is to generate discussion on the benefits of breastfeeding and to encourage the public at large to participate by sharing their thoughts on social media and in personal conversations, and to talk about these benefits wherever they think it matters. The target audience for this campaign includes all those who are online including the support group of mothers who play a significant role in promoting appropriate and sustained breastfeeding.

The reason why Nestle decided to have a digital and social media campaign is that it facilitates faster exchange of views. McCann took on the task to create the content that would work well on this media and facilitate conversations that promote breastfeeding.

Sohan Shah, Sr VP, McCann Health India, said, “While there is a general consciousness about the importance of breastfeeding, its true power has not been fully understood and internalized. So, this campaign was conceived to educate while it entertains. The Superbabies celebrating the power of breast milk in their inimitable style makes it all the more interesting. Most importantly, the campaign reinforces the many advantages of breastfeeding, which will encourage a more informed and empowered adoption of this practice.”

Nestle has always understood the importance of breastfeeding and it dates back to 1867 when its founder, Henri Nestle, had said: “During the first months, the mother’s milk will always be the most natural nutriment, and every mother, able to do so, should suckle her children.” Therefore, the company is focusing on activities which will make the message even stronger. Last year’s campaign generated half a million pledges and therefore this year the focus is on taking the public support beyond a pledge and to convert it into real action.

Commenting on these efforts, Binu Jacob, General Manager (Nutrition), Nestlé India, stated, “Nestlé has always believed that breastfeeding is the best nutrition for babies. However, despite the general awareness, breastfeeding rates are still low in the country. We want to consciously convert this awareness into practice. Over the years, we have continued to engage with the medical community to spread awareness about breastfeeding and this has been positively received everywhere. While we continue with the campaign this year, our effort this time is also to encourage advocacy around the cause. We seek the involvement of all those who can help us make people understand the benefits of breastfeeding. We hope we will be able to make breastfeeding a part of community knowledge and practice.”

Start Healthy Stay Healthy is another science-based educational initiative of Nestle India which, in partnership with doctors, focuses on the lifelong impact of breastfeeding and the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life.

The Video:



Client: Nestle

Creative agency: McCann

Production House: Paperboat Animation Studios

Music Credits: Clinton Cerejo

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