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CNBC-TV18 lines up special programming for Budget 2014

Special initiatives include a comprehensive mix of editorial shows, ground events, on-air segments and vignettes

CNBC-TV18 lines up special programming for Budget 2014

Special initiatives include a comprehensive mix of editorial shows, ground events, on-air segments and vignettes

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | July 2, 2014

cnbc-tv18Expectations are running high for Prime Minister Modi’s maiden budget on July 10, 2014, after his new government was decisively ushered in by the world’s largest democracy last month. The question on everyone’s mind is, can he deliver on what he has promised? Bringing the economy back on track is the promise of this government and Budget 2014 will hence be the first litmus test of PM Modi and team. Will Modi and his trusted Vice Captain Arun Jaitley walk the talk and present a bold budget?

This is their hour of reckoning to deliver a decisive budget – because one never gets a second chance to make a good first impression. Will they crank up the engines of growth by spending on infrastructure? Will the government outline a clear roadmap for fiscal consolidation? Will the government reign in the tax man and promise a softer regulatory environment and a stable policy regime?

CNBC-TV18 is all set to answer all these questions and more, while bringing viewers news, trends and analysis from the best minds from India Inc., Indian and global markets, industry experts, economists, intelligentsia and our own set of the most experienced editors in business news. The channel unravels the initial expectations of India’s economic future and its subsequent impact based on industry reactions, citizen demands, market implications and expert opinions.

Anil Uniyal Anil Uniyal

Commenting on the budget programming, Anil Uniyal, CEO, CNBC channels, said, “As leaders of Budget coverage for the past 14 years, we have always provided our viewers with the most differentiated offering. We are happy to set a new benchmark this year as well, with tri-lingual coverage for the first time in English, Hindi and Gujarati. This year’s Budget is especially critical, as the new government has to fulfill electoral expectations of reform and development. Our special Budget programming anchored by India’s finest editorial minds will bring viewers the best analysis of the challenges faced by the new Finance Minister and his decisions that will impact industry, economy and individuals.”

Shereen Bhan Shereen Bhan

Shereen Bhan, the Managing Editor, CNBC-TV18, said, “With a keen finger on the pulse of India Inc's expectations and indications from the street, CNBC-TV18 is poised to present another defining season of Budget coverage. Through a panorama of special programming & initiatives focusing on budget expectations, analysis & impact, CNBC-TV18 will once again ensure specialized coverage with the most breadth and depth, in the run up to and on Budget Day.”

CNBC channels promise to deliver a comprehensive mix of special programming and initiatives focusing on budget expectations, analysis and impact across communities and through multiple approaches and formats. These initiatives will include editorial shows, ground events, on-air segments and vignettes and other special initiatives.

CNBC-TV18 Pre Budget line-up:

Culminating with the Budget announcement, CNBC-TV18, India’s No.1 Business medium, will present a host of special shows, led by India’s most experienced business editorial team that will focus on key aspects of the Government’s fiscal policy. Some key properties are as follows:

Meet the ministers – In a special series, Shereen Bhan speaks exclusively to the new Cabinet Ministers for a glimpse into the agenda/priorities of the key Ministries for the coming year. This will be the first major engagement between the new cabinet and India Inc. Ministers, such as commerce and finance, who will greatly affect the road ahead for the Indian economy will come together to analyze the need of the hour.

What India Inc. Wants – A series of special shows where the biggest faces of the Indian business fraternity speaks to us about their expectations from the Modi Budget. We look at the major business sectors in India and speak to some of the most respected names in business.

What markets want – CNBC-TV18 will be in conversation with some of the biggest names in Indian markets to discuss the expectations of the Street from the new government and the coming budget.

The global investor view - CNBC-TV18 invites the biggest names from the FIIs and MNCs to understand their hopes and aspirations from the change at the political centre. How will the new government affect business? What are the expectations from the upcoming budget? Will tax related issues and the lack of approvals in time finally stop?

Fiscal state - We take a close look at the debate between reining inflation and the need for a sustained and inclusive growth. How will the FM walk the tight rope?

Taxing times - A rising fiscal deficit, yet the need for growth. A vibrant corporate India, yet the demand for sustained relief. And millions of demanding citizens. Will the new government’s Budget 2014 live up to the challenge?

The development agenda - Is the Government’s social spending making the right impact?  Is it bridging gaps and providing development to the grassroots? Is delivery the real problem? And what should be priority?  All this and more on the ‘Development Agenda’.

Budget & you - How will Budget 2014 impact the Indian consumer? Also, the expectations of consumer categories from the FM.

Sectoral budget expectations - What do the various sectors of the Indian economy expect from Budget 2014? CNBC-TV18 gets you the views from manufacturing, agriculture, services & more.

Apart from these special programmes, CNBC-TV18 will also feature power packed segments, budget special episodes of its award winning feature shows (Young Turks, Indianomics, Forbes India Show and others) and vignettes. These will focus on an array of opinions ranging from CEOs and global players to the common man on the street. In addition to the on-air programming, CNBC-TV18 will also deliver multiple on-ground discussions that will bring together policy-makers, industry leaders, top analysts & multiple stakeholders across the nation to dwell on and discuss the expectations from Budget 2014.

CNBC-TV18 Budget on-ground properties

Through a series of thought provoking ground events, CNBC-TV18 has geared up to voice the concerns and views of every major constituency.

In Budget Agenda, our flagship event, Shereen Bhan sets the tone for wider debate & discussions and with What India Wants, Senthil Chengalvarayan collates a macro perspective on the expectations of India Inc. via a power packed panel of eminent stakeholders across various areas of expertise.

Leading up to the Budget day, through What Markets Want, we will analyze what the masses and the capital markets expect from Budget 2014 with leading market and financial experts. The event would be dedicated to gathering the market’s perspective on the expectations from the Budget.

Apart from this, the channel will present Young India, where Shereen Bhan will moderate a discussion amongst India’s Generation Next CEOs, at an exclusive ground event to capture their perspectives and expectations from the budget, before an audience comprising of corporate community in India.

The channel will also deliver for its viewers a special Investor Conclave, which will help one master the art of investing, in the light of the Budget 2014.

Finally, The Verdict will analyze the policy decisions with India Inc, leading market analysts & key stakeholders. Via a power packed event held post the Budget, CNBC-TV18 will bring together the thought leaders, experts and key speakers from the industry in order to analyze the policy decisions that have been announced.

Budget Eve, Budget Day & Post Budget on CNBC-TV18

July 8, 2014: Leading up to Budget day, CNBC-TV18 will present a Railway Budget Special to analyze its impact with regard to tariffs, freight policy, cross subsidization and new route announcements. The live telecast of the 2014 Railway Budget will be aired as the pre cursor to the Union Budget. The Railway Budget this year is much awaited as the new Prime Minister has time and again mentioned that modernizing the Railways is a key priority on his agenda. The President too has emphasized the need of developing a high speed railway network, a diamond quadrilateral as well as attracting FDI into the sector. There is plenty that has been talked about but the big question is how much will happen and how soon will it be implemented.

July 9, 2014: Following that, CNBC-TV18 will present the Economic Survey Special, a show on the Annual Economic Survey released by the government, which is a comprehensive overview of the Indian economy. With a mixture of in-depth analysis and expert bytes, this will provide the most informative backdrop for Budget 2014.

July 10, 2014: As in earlier years, on Budget day, CNBC-TV18 will present exclusive and comprehensive LIVE budget coverage through the day and from multiple locations, showcasing reactions from the leading names in India Inc. and policy making, the nation’s biggest market experts and fund managers, tax specialists and views of India’s flagship industry bodies such as the CII, FICCI & ASSOCHAM. With an in house panel of experts, CNBC-TV18 will present incisive, immediate analysis and impact of budgetary announcements as the FM Speech is delivered, through power-packed interviews & graphics, religiously followed by millions of investors. This will be followed by a line-up of special Budget Bulletins through the day. CNBC-TV18 will present a budget special of its award winning primetime show, ‘India Business Hour – Budget Special’, which will round up the day’s coverage and provide a comprehensive review of the national reaction to Budget 2014.

July 11, 2014: Post Budget, CNBC-TV18 will air a special breakfast show which analyzes the impact of Budget 2014 in its immediate aftermath. A special post budget show, Managing Your Personal Finance, will help look into how the Budget announcements will affect the common man’s investments. A special show that advises one on money management in the new policy environment.

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