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Parle-G brings back the old charm

8-second campaigns by Everest show how Parle-G has stood the test of time and remained consistent

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | June 2, 2014

Parle-G-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Nostalgia is one word we have grown familiar with. Comparing, remembering, wishing - we have all been there. Parle-G's latest campaign is a take on that nostalgia.

Created by Everest, the campaign focuses on the consistency of India's favourite glucose biscuit. A collection of 8-second TVCs, the campaign shows how even if other things have changed over time, the taste and goodness of the trusted Parle-G has remained the same.

The market is flooded with numerous brands, all trying to get a piece of the biscuit pie. While other brands have evolved to stay afloat in competitive times, Parle-G has consistently performed well without changing anything about it. This is why it has continued to be the 'world’s largest selling biscuit’ over the years.

“Research points out that even the idea of slightest change in Parle-G is strongly resisted by our customers. Although our packaging has evolved over the years, the core product is still the same,” said Mayank Shah, Group Product Manager – Parle Products.

Dhunji S. Wadia Dhunji S. Wadia

Dhunji Wadia, President, Everest Brand Solutions said, “Parle-G has been the Gold Standard in biscuits over the years. Quality is at the core of the brand. This is the main reason for the brand’s success over the years. Not many brands connect with the consumers as Parle-G does. With millions of loyal consumers, it has achieved a cult status in the market. Parle-G is truly a people’s brand today.”

The campaign opens with two friends talking to each other. One remarks that the writers these days don't have that old charm any more. Her friend hands her a packet of Parle-G and reminds her that some things still are the same.

The same thing happens when a group of men discuss newspapers while on a morning walk, or when a couple go for a movie, or when friends sit down for chai etc. The campaign takes different slice of life situations and shows how things around us have changed, leaving us feeling nostalgic for the bygone days. But even as everything around us has changed, our beloved Parle-G has remained just the same.

Rahul Jauhari Rahul Jauhari

According to Rahul Jauhari, NCD, Everest Brand Solutions, “The comparison fits in perfectly, while most things lose their charm with time, brands like Parle-G have stood the test of time and won the trust of consumers worldwide.”

Samir Chonkar Samir Chonkar

Samir Chonkar, ECD, Everest brand Solutions added, “Most Indians have grown up with Parle-G. We all have our stories with the brand. People often miss the ‘Pehle Waali Baat’ in everything. Be it, the great leaders from yesteryears or simple stuff like saris and newspaper content, the falling quality levels are clearly noticed. Luckily there are brands like Parle-G, which have held their ground and delivered consistently on all the parameters, year after year. In this ever-changing world, Parle-G is like an anchor. It’s like a bond which connects us with our legacy; a support system for the present and a reassurance for the future.”

“The TVCs capture the simple human insight of comparison. It is a natural tendency to compare the current with the past. Everest has harnessed this simple insight through various ‘slice of life’ situations to point out the consistent quality of Parle-G,” concluded Pravin Kulkarnii, GM, Parle Products.

The TVC:



Client: Parle Products

Group Product Manager: Mayank Shah

Creative Agency: Everest Brand Solutions

National Creative Director: Rahul Jauhari

Executive Creative Director: Samir Chonkar

Strategic Planning Director: Ravi Walia

Account Management Team: Umesh Barve, Jay Thaker

Production House: Caramel Pictures

Film Director: Wishal Gehani


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