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KFC shows the Great Divide with a love story

Campaign by O&M Gurgaon shows the importance KFC gives to keeping veg and non-veg menus separate

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | June 10, 2014

KFC-lovestory-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

KFC has recently strengthened its vegetarian line-up. For a brand which is famous for the chicken it serves (giving the brand its name), it is challenging to explore greener (read vegetarian) markets. Keeping that in mind, the brand has come out with a campaign called 'Great Divide' conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather.

KFC opened in India in 1995 but after an unsuccessful stint, made a comeback in 2004. Just like McDonald’s which had to forgo its beef products to survive in the country, KFC had to introduce a vegetarian line, which meant a vegetarian avatar of the popular Zinger burger in 2010. The new line of vegetarian products stars the popular Veg Zinger burger.

However, while many consumers chose to embrace this menu, many others were unaware or even doubtful of the measures taken to keep the veg menu separate from the non-veg section. The challenge for KFC was to showcase to the vegetarian consumer the attention to detail that KFC gives to separating its Veg and Non-veg offerings.

Ogilvy & Mather came up with a quirky love story, consisting of all the twists of any typical movie. Only this one stars a Chicken Zinger and a Veg Zinger as the main protagonists.

“While the idea was to showcase how serious KFC is towards segregation of veg and non-veg products in their kitchens – the brief was to convey this in a fun and entertaining manner – without taking away from the seriousness of the message. We feel confident that this quirky love story between a veg and non-veg burger does that beautifully,” explained Ajay Gahlaut, Creative Head, Ogilvy & Mather.

The TVC opens with a Charming Chicken Zinger being portrayed as the male hero while Dreamy Paneer Zinger becomes the heroine. The TVC goes on as a movie would, showing the two burgers falling in love. As the hero tries desperately to come close to his lady love, he realises that there is an unseen force which stops him. The supers in the TVC then explain that the burgers could not meet because they were from different worlds, and that is how it is always going to be in KFC. It goes on to explain how KFC has separate chefs, utensils and even ingredients for veg and non-veg food so that there is no chance of things ever getting mixed. The TVC ends by saying that in KFC veg and non-veg can never mix, “unless someone orders them together”.

Dhruv Kaul, Director Marketing, KFC India, said, “Our ‘So Veg, So Good’ range, which has helped us broaden the brand’s relevance, has been received very positively by consumers. Considering the sentiments and beliefs of our vegetarian customers, we at KFC maintain stringent standards to ensure that there is absolutely no mixing of vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings at our stores. Everything from the utensils, ingredients and staff are segregated. We wanted to convey this message to our consumers yet keep it entertaining and informative, and this video does exactly that.”

The TVC:



Client: KFC India

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon

Creative Head: Ajay Gahlaut

Creative Team: Ajay Gahlaut, Shailender Mahajan, Krishna Mani, Manmeet Singh, Sushant Barua, Swati Tyagi, Vishal Yadav

Account Management: Kapil Arora, Niket Kumar, Debarati Paul, Bhawna Vohra

Account Planning: Neeraj Bassi and Anirban Roy


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