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Goafest 2014: Day 3 shows the true essence of Brand Bharat

Google, Mindshare and IBM heads provide the larger picture that is evolving in India. The Hari & Hari historian couple take the audience through history to show why Brand Bharat was always at the forefront

Sarmistha Neogy | Goa | June 2, 2014


The speakers on the final day of Goafest 2014, Saturday, May 31, ranged from spiritual gurus imparting the essence and true meaning of Bharat, or India, to technology giants like Google telling people how their lives would look like five years down the line. It also saw the Hari & Hari historian couple take the audience th

rough history to show why Brand Bharat was always at the forefront of contributing to civilisational, scientific and mathematical advancements.

Rajan Anandan Rajan Anandan

Rajan Anandan, Vice-president and Managing Director of Google India, electrified the audience right at the start of his presentation when he said, “Good times are going to come even at 5% GDP, all thanks to technology which is changing at a very fast pace. Traditional models of communication are getting disrupted, which throws open lots of opportunities for marketers. With proper advertising, marketers can recover three times of what they have spent even before the promotion ends. And India is poised to be No. 3 global economy within a decade even at 5% GDP growth rate!”

Anandan cited examples of the tremendous reach and easy access of technology which gives businesses a boost. He emphasised that henceforth, digital will be the core of advertising. The Moto-G phone was launched only on Flipkart, and within an hour, more than 20,000 units were sold. He highlighted the use of Google Hangout by brands like HeroMotoCop, Myntra and at the Auto Expo in Delhi or the use of Google Glass by L’Oreal during the Cannes Film Festival to make the point that “engagement is not just promotion”.

Anandan, ended his presentation on an optimistic note saying, “If India can create a billion-smartphone-market in just eight years, then I don’t see any why the ‘wearables’ market won’t reach 200 million users in the next four years. Consumers will soon find themselves in the midst of many devices, with wearable being one of them.”

Norm Johnson, Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare, spoke of a hyper connected world and an adaptive marketing technique emerging from it. Johnson explained, “In this hyper connected world, we will be connected to objects, people, reality and media. This provides marketers with many opportunities and their job is to look at the various data from the different resources, get insights and then apply them to the real-time marketing.”

Vanita Narayanan, Managing Director, IBM India, spoke about the ‘India of my dreams’. “It is a great moment to rejoice, the entire country is brimming with new hope and positive energy with the monumental political mandate. We are a 100-year-old company and two things which have helped us overcome all hurdles are our ability to be inclusive and sustainable. It is very necessary to always reinvent yourself and change everything other than your values and beliefs.”

According to her, India is a country of innovation. She explained this point with the example of the introduction of sachets which helped in increasing reach and penetration of FMCG products.

“I feel that if we can see an IT revolution and mobile revolution, there is no reason why it cannot move to manufacturing revolution. I want a country which is recognised, not as a destination of labour but as a talent destination,” Narayanan said.

Narayanan concluded, “We can achieve the India of our dreams if we have one compelling vision – a zest to commit ourselves to action, the desire to change our beliefs, and the confidence to think disruptive to innovate.”


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