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CenturyPly ropes in Nana Patekar in ‘Khushiyon ka Rangmanch’ campaign

Four films have been released under this campaign which has been done by DDB Mudra. It highlights that most of our moments of joy revolve around inanimate objects like-sofa, table, chest or the bed- all of which are taken for granted.

BestMediaInfoBureau | Mumbai | June 2, 2014

CenturyPly-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Every day we share some great and funny moments at our home, but how many of us have ever thanked the surfaces that enable these moments of togetherness? CenturyPly in its latest campaign, ‘Khushiyon Ka Rangmanch’ made by DDB Mudra, showcases that most of our moments of joys revolves around inanimate objects like ‘sofa, table, chest or the bed-but they are all taken for granted.

For the past six years, the brand’s core proposition has been that of structural strength with TV campaigns highlighting the core functional benefits of strength and durability of CenturyPly products. This was brought alive by the brand’s tagline: ‘Sab Sahe, Mast Rahe.’

Thus, the two main challenges before the company were, one, in an influencer driven category where the consumer has minimal interest and say in the final product that is bought, the brand had to create affinity and hence, preference for itself. Two, while the brand’s structural strength narrative was working well, it was not relevant for their other products like laminates and veneers which are driven more by their aesthetics.

To address these challenges, the agency, along with the client participated in an extensive exercise to relook at the role of the company, its products and how they made a difference in the lives of people. The outcome of this exercise was a restructuring of the brand’s architecture and therefore a new brand philosophy. It was time to move away from product/ attribute driven communication typical of the product category, and instead take an emotional route.

Amit Gope Amit Gope

Amit Gope, Head, Marketing, CenturyPly said “We found this concept to be extremely strong, unique and with a potential to remain relevant for a long time. More than that, it was something that was meeting our objectives in the best possible manner.”

Four films have been released as part of this campaign. CenturyPly Table TVC starts with a family appreciating the food at a dining table. Nana Patekar comes in and makes them realise, how about the table, why is no one appreciating this object which allows them to spend intimate moments.

CenturyPly Sofa TVC begins with a family seated on a sofa and cheering for India while watching a cricket match. Nana Patekar is the only one who cheers for the Sofa and goes on to explain, how sofa is the most important object here which we tend to ignore. It has kept the family bond intact, as it allows all the members to come together and get seated. With every four and sixes in the match, we show our excitement on this sofa and with every loss, this lifeless object, bears the brunt.

CenturyPly Chest TVC opens with an elderly man leafing through an old book which he took out from the chest. He reminisces the good old days on finding his girl friend’s photo in between the pages.

CenturyPly Bed TVC starts with a scene where a couple argues with each other before going to bed. The wife asks him to move aside as he is lying on her side of the bed. The husband says that what is the reason to react, it is only a bed. Nana Patekar comes and rebukes him by asking “Idiot sirf bed hain?’ and the man corrects himself by saying ‘Nahi Rangmanch hain’

Sonal Dabral Sonal Dabral

Commenting on the campaign, Sonal Dabral, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group said, “Devoid of any sharp ideas, the plywood advertising landscape has been fuzzy to say the least. We decided it was time for a respected brand like CenturyPly to speak like a leader and elevate the category to the next level. Nana Patekar’s brilliance needs no mention. We were fortunate that he agreed to be a part of this project. I’m certain the audience will love him as the voice of our conscience provoking us to take a fresh look at our furniture we take for granted every day."

Shagun Seda, Creative Director, DDB Mudra West said, “The dining table, the sofa, the bed etc. are the hangout zones or ‘addas’ in a house where families come together. With this campaign we want to put the spotlight on these oft-ignored surfaces. A message that carries the risk of sounding too preachy if not delivered convincingly.  So we went to the one voice and face that everyone would sit down and take notice of Nana Patekar.”

This new campaign will be spread across TV, print, outdoor, digital and on ground.

The TVCs:






Client: CenturyPly

Agency: DDB Mudra West

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer: Sonal Dabral Office head: Rajiv Sabnis Creative Head - West: Rahul Mathew National Planning Head: Amit Kekre

Creative Team : Satyajeet Kadam, Shagun Seda, Amit Parekh, Ghanshyam Jadav Account Management Team : Shekhar Pandey, Ronak Shah, Vikrant Jain, Arnab Dasgupta, Account Planning: Shekhar Pandey, Aunkita Dey, Vinayak Dubey Films Dept : Vishal Sane Production House : Ramesh Deo Productions

Director: Abhinay Deo Producer: Apurba Sengupta


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