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‘Bforchange’ exhorts armchair critics: Don’t just stare, stand up and dare

Bindass' new viral campaign shoots actors pretending to be eve-teasers to see how many bystanders protest

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | June 9, 2014

Bforchange Click on the image to watch the Video.

Bindass' newest campaign, Bforchange, raises questions for citizens on various vital issues. Their video on eve teasing has gone viral with a whopping 1.68 lakh hits within the first five days of it being uploaded.

“We wanted to support those youth doing something. The youth are viewed as armchair activists. What we did was to adopt the plan for purposive action which also gels with the programming philosophy of Bindass,” said Prashant Madan, Executive Director, Creative Services, Media Networks (bindass) – Disney India.

The current campaign shows a group of actors pretending to eve-tease a woman (also an actor) in Delhi and Mumbai. The woman asks for help from passersby. But as she finds out, no one wishes to get involved. The campaign shows how the average Indian is quick to criticise but when it comes to actually taking a step, they rarely do so. Though, to be fair, quite a number of people do stand up to offenders. The campaign ends with a request to people to take action.

The Bforchange campaign has been designed in three phases. The first phase, taken up in January 2014, tried to explain what purposive action is and how it is possible to be cool while being involved. The second phase, which followed soon after, profiled real people among their target audience. They studied the audience and picked up people who were actually bringing about change, showcased their stories, and even aired them on the channel.

Phase three will continue indefinitely as they want to keep bringing about change through such public debates. The other issues the campaign, made by the in-house creative team, will address include environment protection, child education, etc.

The Video:



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