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@ThatPepsiIntern Ranbir Kapoor gets fired

Ranbir’s early exit opens a unique opportunity for all the young Pepsi fans to experience the thrill and action live at Pepsi IPL 2014, Oh Yes Abhi!

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | April 10, 2014

ThatPepsiIntern-Ranbir-Kapoor Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Ranbir Kapoor, who recently bagged an epic career opportunity as @ThatPepsiIntern, has just been fired!! Ranbir was all excited to go to UAE for this season of Pepsi IPL, but a video called ‘The Epic Trailer’, released by Pepsi, shows @ThatPepsiIntern Ranbir Kapoor has been given the pink slip.

Ranbir’s early exit opens a unique opportunity for all the young Pepsi fans to experience the thrill and action live at Pepsi IPL 2014, Oh Yes Abhi! The trailer revealed some of the exciting things the upcoming @ThatPepsiIntern will get to experience at the Pepsi IPL 2014. 15 lucky fans will get to try their hand at this awesome job and three of them will also get a chance to go to UAE for the Pepsi IPL matches.

To register yourself for this incredible internship opportunity all you have to do is visit the official website and upload a selfie with a Pepsi, answer a simple video question and take part in the bonus task which improves your chances of becoming the next intern @ThatPepsiIntern. Head to to register yourself, Oh Yes Abhi!

Commenting on this development Ranbir said “I am heartbroken that my stint as the awesome @ThatPepsiIntern has come to an end. I had a blast and enjoyed myself to the fullest; obviously worked a bit too. I am sure whoever is the next @ThatPepsiIntern will be blown away by the opportunities that they will encounter once they get into my shoes.”

Ranbir had been interning at Pepsi for the Pepsi IPL 2014 and he was last seen in Bangalore, where he surprised the media at the player auctions with his unique entry on the @ThatPepsiIntern Cycle. He was seen hanging out with the team owners, players and posing for pictures with celebrities while tweeting everything live.  According to Ranbir’s numerous tweets, @ThatPepsiIntern is the best job on this planet.

Ruchira Jaitly Ruchira Jaitly

Speaking on Pepsi’s experiential campaigns, Ruchira Jaitly, Senior Director Marketing, Social Beverages at PepsiCo India said “Pepsi has always been associated some of the most engaging experiences in the 20 year association with Cricket in India. @ThatPepsiIntern is possibly the most engaging yet, with the most happening summer internships for young, go-getters, and has garnered great reviews at launch. We hope to make this an exciting summer for some Pepsi interns, with some fabulous once in a lifetime experiences.”

Commenting on the campaign Rishi Dogra, Head Po1 Digital Marketing at PepsiCo India, said, “@ThatPepsiIntern is a one-of-its-kind opportunity for our young fans to experience the Pepsi IPL extravaganza and be at its centre stage with VIP access pass to the matches. Our first @ThatPepsiIntern Ranbir Kapoor was a great asset and now we open this opportunity for all Pepsi fans to come and live the frenzy and excitement of the Pepsi IPL Live. With @ThatPepsiIntern, we’re taking the most exciting cricketing experience with Pepsi, and turning it up a notch!!”

@ThatPepsiIntern will generate exclusive content from the Pepsi IPL 2014 and will be the link between the fans and celebrities, thereby bringing the Pepsi IPL experience alive for Pepsi fans. Through @ThatPepsiIntern, cricket lovers can directly interact with or send their message across to celebrities. They can ask @ThatPepsiIntern to complete unique tasks for them in the stadium and even win tickets to the matches through contests. @ThatPepsiIntern gives people a chance to not just be AT the Pepsi IPL, but BE the Pepsi IPL.

In other words @ThatPepsiIntern is the most exclusive and awesome job of the 7th season of Pepsi IPL! With VIP access to all events and activities, @ThatPepsiIntern will not only attend the matches but also get an exclusive first-hand experience of the extravaganza and exhilaration of the Pepsi IPL, bringing it to the fans Oh Yes Abhi!

The TVC:

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