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Spice brings dreams to life in small-town India

The handset maker is back in the media space with its new campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather that aims to connect the brand to consumers in villages and towns

Spice brings dreams to life in small-town India

The handset maker is back in the media space with its new campaign created by Ogilvy & Mather that aims to connect the brand to consumers in villages and towns

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | April 17, 2014

spice-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

What does it take to turn your dreams into reality? Grit, determination and talent? Perhaps, but according to the creative minds behind a new campaign, it is Spice cellphones! Therefore, the brand’s newest campaign designed by Ogilvy & Mather tries to connect with the rural youth through their cellphone’s internet service.

Spice has very recently entered the premium market, but their connect with the middle-class is still strong. Taking it to the next level, they decided to connect with the section of the youth who have big dreams which they want to turn into reality. But without guidance, success is never possible. Spice smartphones provides the youngsters the guidance and information that internet can bring, and thereby makes them ready for success. Spice, through this campaign, tries to present itself as the only brand that can understand the small-town dreams, which will help them to explore and achieve those dreams.

"In a category characterised by largely undifferentiated feature-based communication, the new Spice ad makes a striking departure from the norm. Celebrating the dreams that spring in the hearts and minds of every Indian, especially those who live in our smaller towns, it presents Spice smartphones as the medium through which people connect to their dreams. This thought, beautifully summarised in the line ‘Spice Smart Phones - Milaye Sapnon Se’ strikes a powerful emotional chord and promises much from a resurgent Spice. The ad, created by Ogilvy, is the outcome of a new strategy for Spice which is the brainchild of brand and marketing consultancy Bharat Bambawale & Associates (BB&A),” said Sapna Sharma, Head – Marketing, Spice Retail Ltd - Devices.

Spice has been absent from the media space for some time. This renewed focus on the smartphone category was imperative for them to announce the presence in the category by creating awareness and recall. Having undergone months of research on consumer behaviour, Spice relaunched the brand with a theme which is in sync with the dreams and aspirations of small town youth of the nation. The idea was to reach out to the millions of youth in these small towns and connect with them at an emotional level.

Azazul Haque Azazul Haque

"Nowadays the size of a dream has nothing to do with the size of the town one lives in. People from small towns have dreamt big and have made their dreams a reality. The new brand campaign for Spice Smartphones talks to these dreamers who live in small towns but are connected with their dreams with the help of smartphone technology,” explained Azazul Haque, Group Creative Director, O&M.

The first TVC opens with a young man in a small town practising discus throw. He has talent, but he wants to perfect his art. He starts watching videos on YouTube on his Spice smartphone and imitates the movements of the Olympic champs. He uses household items to work out, and practises every chance he gets. It is left to the viewer’s imagination to decide if he goes on to make it big or not. The ad ends with the message 'Milaye Sapnon Se', positioning the brand as one that helps you realise your dreams.

Spice followed it up with a second TVC where the protagonist is a young girl from Lucknow. She notices a ballerina doll in a fair and falls in love with the grace and beauty of it. She uses her brother's Spice smartphone to watch videos of The London Ballet School and keeps practising her dance moves every chance she gets. She finally learns the steps through those videos and performs in front of her spellbound brother. As it ends, the voiceover, by the little girl, says: 'Spice, Milaye Sapnon Se’ (lets you meet your dreams).

Mahesh Gharat Mahesh Gharat

"This brand film sets the tone and language in which brand Spice will talk to its consumers. It's inspiring, real, honest, and creates an emotional chord with the heartland of this nation. And communicates one simple brand message, that Spice smartphones will make you meet with your dreams no matter who you are or where you are from,” added Mahesh Gharat, Group Creative Director, O&M.

The TVCs:




Client: Spice Retail Ltd

Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Group Creative Directors: Mahesh Gharat, Azazul Haque

Creative Team: Mahesh Gharat, Azazul Haque, Shahnawaz Qadeer, Sandip Gaikwad

Account Management: Ajay Menon, Roshni Mohan, Karthik Narayan, Neha Agarwal

Account Planning: Vipasha Bhuptani, Aparna Jain

Production house: Good Morning Films

Director: Shashanka Chaturvedi

Producer: Robin D’Cruz

Music: Pankaj Avasthi

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