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Playing it safe with V-Guard inverters

The humourous campaign has been conceptualised by Fisheye Creative Solutions, highlighting the consumer’s ignorance about caring for their gadgets from powr fluctuations and spikes

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | April 25, 2014

V-Guard-TVC Click on the image to watch the TVC.

When we talk about power cuts, the idea we get is that of sweltering heat, food getting spoilt in the fridge or maybe the AC not working. But have we ever thought how gadgets are impacted when power keeps going on and off?

V-Guard's new campaign, designed by Fisheye Creative Solutions, is an appeal to people to take more interest in the care of their gadgets in times of power fluctuations. In summers especially, when power cuts and voltage fluctuations occur frequently, gadgets often go for a toss. These fluctuations however are not easily discernible to the average consumer, and therefore they do not worry about the health of their gadgets.

Nandagopal Nair, Head - Corporate Communications, V-Guard Industries, explained, “The consumer today is still oblivious of the harm that can befall his costly AC with one spike or fluctuation in the power supply. It was important to educate him on the need for an external stabiliser to protect his AC in a relatable manner. The brief to the agency was to capture typical real life situations and reactions of consumers towards the usage of a stabiliser for their AC and sensitise them of how it can harm their AC if they don’t use an external stabilizer.”

The first TVC focuses on the inverter DUPS and battery. This has been designed to remind people that power cuts can result in accidents and embarrassing situations. The TVC opens with the man of the house applying a face pack in the bathroom. His wife is in the kitchen cooking, when the power cut happens. She comes out looking for a torch, still holding a frying pan. Her husband too decides to look for a light and comes out with the face pack on. What ensues is a comedy of errors as the wife cannot recognise her husband and beats him black and blue with the frying pan! Through this TVC the company highlights the need for 'full-time power' which can be provided by V-Guard inverters.

“In a me-too category (inverters) that had very little to differentiate one brand from the other, it was important to build differentiation through the communication. Quirky humour has been the territory of the brand. The brief to the agency was to continue to walk the path of humour and create another piece of communication that will engage with the consumer in a light-hearted manner as well as drive preference for the brand,” added Nandagopal.

The second TVC is about the importance of an AC stabilizer which also points at consumer apathy and ignorance when it comes to protecting gadgets from voltage fluctuations.

The TVC shows four different customers who have no need for an AC stabilizer. The customers either feel that it is useless, or think that the salesman is trying to make a fool of them. Some even think that fluctuations do not happen anymore. But the truth is that the power situation in India today is among the worst the world over. And when, due to these fluctuations, the ACs don't work, the consumer is left exhausted and irritated.

Nishant Gangadharan, Creative Director, Fisheye, said, “In the AC stabilizer ad film, it was important for us to make our customers see a side of themselves or their buying behaviour but not get offended by it. The challenge for the Inverter DUPS and battery ad was to create a film that showed someone getting hurt in an accident and yet put a smile on the face of the viewer every time they saw it. It was critical as the brand had to come across as quirky, fun and loveable but never inconsiderate. Thankfully we have managed to strike the perfect balance with this film.”

The TVCs:




Client: V-Guard

Creative Agency: Fisheye Creative Solutions

Creative Director: Nishant Gangadharan

Account Handling team: Kaustav Das, COO, Fisheye

Production House: AIF Films, Mumbai

Director: Nishant Gangadharan


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