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LG uses finger art to introduce ‘Knock Code’

The ‘MyCodeMyStyle’ campaign, comprising 5 videos, has been designed by Eccentric Engine, aimed at making smartphone security easier and more convenient than ever before

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | April 15, 2014

LG-boxing Click on the image to watch the TVC.

LG’s latest technological transformation, the Knock Code, is a groundbreaking feature that empowers consumers with security and convenience. The Knock Code pattern allows for more than 80,000 possible security combinations and can be entered on a blank screen using two to eight taps. The device screen shows no detectable outline of the pattern and so the code is virtually impossible to duplicate.

For the launch campaign of this feature, LG has tied up with Eccentric Engine. Using personified fingers to show various ways of unlocking, the campaign attributes the various ‘Knock Code’ styles to the personalities and interests of people.

Post the unveiling of the Knock Code on the latest Android KitKat OS based smartphones - LG L90 and L70 - it will soon be seen as a regular feature on all of LG’s future mobile devices. The Knock Code’s USP is defined by the fact that it works on the entire display screen and has a consistent recognition rate. Interestingly, the Knock Code also elicits an emotional response from the user as he/she imbibes the tapping habit.

Amit Gujral, Head, Mobile Phones Marketing, LG India, said, “Knock Code with it’s almost impossible to crack, invisible phone tap patterns, single-hand use convenience and no gimmicks like dotted patterns, visible numbers, face recognition or finger print scan base security mechanism would become a habit by all LG L90 and L70 users to start with to be followed on all new upcoming LG smartphones.”

“To introduce this exciting Knock Code feature LG India is launching an innovative digital campaign for smartphone users in collaboration with Eccentric Engine. LG’s unique story concept brings out five interesting characters, namely, the Footballer, the Kickboxer, the Fashionista, the Unstoppable and the Dancer. The first phase of LG’s digital campaign focuses on individual’s MyCodeMyStyle and #KnockCode as a teaser, and will be initiated with creative images. In the second phase of the campaign, a ‘2 videos per day’ contest will be launched for the users, wherein there will be a set of two videos created for each of the characters. These videos will then be seeded on Facebook and Twitter, in an effort to position the #KnockCode feature,” Gujral added.  

Ankit Mishra, Head, Strategy, Eccentric Engine, said that Knock Code allows people to express themselves and gives the flexibility of setting a personalized code. “The campaign links your identity and passions to this powerful feature. We stay committed to enhancing the LG’s consumer experience by means of superior content and innovative campaigns,” he said.

Knock Code is available on all LG Android phones on Kit Kat OS.

Eccentric Engine is a digital marketing company based in Mumbai and Delhi, with clients like Red Bull, ICICI, LG, American Tourister, to name some.

The TVCs:



The Footballer Character

All enthusiastic sportspersons and football fans will come up with #KnockCode to reflect MyCodeMyStyle.

Facebook – All footballers will fulfill their quest for MyCodeMyStyle with their own #KnockCode and tag themselves.

Twitter– Participants will Knock the Football Code and mention a football crazy friend with #KnockCode. Participants will lead the hunt for their Style Code and mention their partner with #KnockCode and stand a chance to win LG’s KitKat OS based L90 or L70.


The Fashionista Character

All fashion conscious participants will come up with their own fashion statement with #KnockCode

Facebook Participants will unleash their flair for fashion with their MyCodeMyStyle and also mention a ‘fashionista’ friend, tagging them with #KnockCode.

Twitter – Participants will search for the most fashionable person amongst themselves and also mention a fashionable friend with #KnockCode. Participants will find out the Diva of Style on their timeline of friends and mention their Style Icon friend with #KnockCode and stand a chance to win LG’s KitKat OS based L90 or L70.


The Kick-Boxer Character

All participants with a knack for Kick Boxing will unleash their power in their unique Style code with #KnockCode.

Facebook – Participants will knock out with their fingers and mention a friend who pushes them to be a fighter with #KnockCode.

Twitter Participants will get into the ring and mention a friend who knocks-out in style with #KnockCode. Participants will punch with #KnockCode and mention a friend who has a true fighting spirit with #KnockCode and stand a chance to win LG’s KitKat OS based L90 or L70.


The Dancer Character

All participants who enjoy dancing will come out and shake a leg in their personal style codes.

Facebook Participants will show off their dancing skills and mention a friend who loves to shake the dance floor with #KnockCode.

Twitter Participants will get into a Dance-Off  and mention a friend who can give them a tough competition with #KnockCode. Participants will knock the dance floor with their unique style code and mention a dance partner friend with #KnockCode and stand a chance to win LG’s KitKat OS based L90 or L70.


The Unstoppable Character

Participants who enjoy a run and can cross all obstacle courses will do it with #KnockCode

Facebook Participants will run and cross their hurdles in MyCodeMyStyle, and tag a friend who has always helped them jump their hurdles with the #KnockCode.

TwitterParticipants will knock the obstacles away in MyCodeMyStyle and mention a friend who can run that extra mile for them with #KnockCode. Participants will overcome hurdles with #MyCodeMyStyle and tag a friend who can beat them at it with #KnockCode and stand a chance to win LG’s KitKat OS based L90 or L70.


Eccentric Engine is a digital marketing company based in Mumbai and Delhi, with clients like Red Bull, ICICI, LG, American Tourister, to name some.


Client: LG India Agency: Eccentric Engine Creative Director: Ankit Mishra Client Servicing: Megha Panjabi Production House: Blue Magic Films


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