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Gunn Report for Media 2013: OMD is Agency Network of the Year

India has ranked 3rd in Country of the Year list. GroupM is Holding Company of the Year; and McDonald’s is Advertiser of the Year

Gunn Report for Media 2013: OMD is Agency Network of the Year

India has ranked 3rd in Country of the Year list. GroupM is Holding Company of the Year; and McDonald’s is Advertiser of the Year

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 28, 2014


The Gunn Report for Media, the global evaluation of media creativity launched in 2004, yesterday released its 2013 rankings. It has combined winners' lists from the world's most important award contests to establish the only global 'league tables' for the communications industry.

The report covers several categories, including the Most Creative Agency Network, Most Creative Holding Company, Most Creative Campaign and the Most Creative Advertiser.

“The context in which marketing is taking place is changing dramatically. Advertisers are fighting against an increasingly competitive and tough business environment where ROI is vital. They are also faced to customers, who are very unpredictable, expect to be surprised and entertained, and are more and more influenced by their friends and networks. They want to participate, share and collaborate as never before. Because of technology, the means of production and the channels of distribution have been turned over to the masses. Every single one of us has access to a potential audience of millions of people on social media channels. Consumers also want to control and dictate when, where and how they are communicated. They want a dialogue and a real conversation, whatever the platform is: banners, posters, press or TV ads, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, Twitter...,” said Isabelle Musnik, editor of The Gunn Report for Media.

Agency network of the Year: OMD

OMD has kept its top position since the launch of the Gunn Report in 2004 scoring 367 points. Starcom was second with 326 points. In third place on 319 points came Mindshare.

Holding company of the year: GroupM

GroupM (WPP) came top, scoring 876 points. In second position was Omnicom Media Group with 751 points. Publicis Groupe came in third with 617 points.

Advertiser of the Year: McDonald's

As advertisers recognise more and more the importance of media creativity, several of them are setting the pace for the future. In 2013 ten advertisers were recognised worldwide for their media creativity:

McDonald's takes the first place with 83 points and campaigns from 22 different festivals demonstrating the quality and originality of their work all over the world.

Coca-Cola was second (79 points) and Samsung third (49 points).

Campaigns of the year

In 2013, five trends were noticed in the Media campaigns which received awards throughout the world: bravery; integration; speed of communications; universal values and the growing importance of earned media.

Unlike purely creative advertising campaigns, media related campaigns are still very different from one country to the next.  Not many are Europe-wide and even fewer are international.  To ensure a balanced representation the Gunn Report for Media only highlights those campaigns that obtained a significant number of points and which won awards in four more regional or global festivals.

This explains why there are only three Media Campaigns of the Year in 2013. But the Gunn Report for Media has also chosen to highlight some of the winners of the global festivals which have been praised for their creativity, their innovation and results, which show how important it is to think “out of the box”, to invent new media and also to use the “oldest” ones.  All these campaigns have tangible results and prove that creativity and efficiency go together.

  • Dr Dre “Virtual 2Pac at Coachella”, USA
  • Puerto Rico Correctional and Rehabilitation Department “Follow2Unfollow”, Puerto Rico
  • DELA Funeral Insurance “Why Wait Until It's Too Late?” The Netherlands
  • University of Engineering and Technology “Potable Water Generator”, Peru
  • Dove “Real Beauty Sketches”, Brazil


Country of the year: USA

The United States came top this year with 302 points, 98 ahead of the United Kingdom's score of 254. India followed in third place with 241 points

(Methodology: Similar to the methodology used by previous Gunn For Media Reports, this year’s scoring system assigned each agency and campaign 3 to 5 points for a Best in Show award / Grand Prix, 2 to 3 for a winner or gold, or 1 to 2 for a silver or bronze. Campaigns could also receive points for awards in different categories (i.e., Best Use of Sponsorship, Best Use of TV, etc.). Every show in the Report features all of the media: TV, cinema, radio, magazines, newspapers, outdoor, special events/stunts, internet, mixed media and sponsorship.  Some have special categories on target audiences such as youth, young adults, all adults, men and women.  Single media festivals are excluded.  Too few of these reward media creativity and efficiency, and their inclusion would have unbalanced the scoring system in respect of some countries and agencies.)



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