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Wagh Bakri rides political discontent with its own Tea Party

Conceptualised by Triton Communications, the latest campaign utilises the election fervour to leverage the brand promise of “Hamesh Rishtey Banaye”

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | November 7, 2013

Wagh Bakri's newest campaign makes full utilisation of the coming election season to leverage its core strengths to highlight people’s disillusionment and expectations. Conceptualised by Triton Communications, the campaign is betting on the elections which are to start with five states towards the end of the year. They have steered clear of using rhetoric and preaching social messages.

Wagh Bakri as a brand has stood as a relationship enabler. Being in the midst of election fever, the brief was to make the commercial topical whilst keeping it apolitical and contemporary. Most importantly, it was to leverage the core strengths of Wagh Bakri Tea, i.e., flavour, taste and colour to bring alive the brand promise.

The TVC opens in the living room of a house where a couple of friends are talking about the state of affairs in the country and how disappointed and disillusioned they are. The women come with the tea and while the talk of political parties continues, they start a witty wordplay game. The women tell the men that at least one party will be a true representative of the country, one that will change the colour of their lives. It is revealed later that they are talking about a Wagh Bakri Tea Party! The voiceover ends with: “Wagh Bakri Chai - Hamesha Rishtey Banaye (always building relationships)”.

The commercial brings alive the current mood of the nation in a living room. The humour is subtle and the tone light. Even as it mentions the coming elections, it does not become obsessively serious or preachy.

Renton D’Sousa, CEO & National Creative Director, Triton Communications, said, "Discussing politics is our national pastime and tea is the perfect catalyst. We leveraged the core strengths of Wagh Bakri Tea, i.e., flavour, taste and colour, to bring alive the nation’s expectation of the political establishment while maintaining the humour and, more importantly, the brand promise. All of us bond over a cup of tea. And Wagh Bakri Tea is the perfect relationship enabler."

Wagh Bakri Tea is an over 100-year-old brand from Gujarat Tea Processors. The brand was christened as Wagh Bakri a century ago based on a visionary philosophy of providing great quality tea that brings people together and allows them to forge relationships, even amongst those who are complete opposites. This is also reflected in the symbol of a tiger and a goat sharing a cup of tea. It is this brand philosophy that has been the pillar of its communication platform expressed as “Wagh Bakri Chai, Hamesh Rishtey Banaye”.

The TVC:



Agency: Triton Communications

CEO & National Creative Director: Renton D’Sousa

Executive Creative Director (Copy): Atul Purohit

Executive Creative Director (Art): Vinayak Pattar

Account Team: Sandeep Srivastava, Nehal Tolia

Production House: Filament Films

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