Peter England gives a 'young' touch to formals

The campaign, created by DDB Mudra South, focuses on denims and smart formals for university students and early jobbers with southern movie star Siddharth

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Peter England gives a 'young' touch to formals

Peter England gives a 'young' touch to formals

The campaign, created by DDB Mudra South, focuses on denims and smart formals for university students and early jobbers with southern movie star Siddharth

BestMediaInfo Bureau| Mumbai | November 22, 2013


Peter England has come up with a campaign, featuring Southern movie star Siddharth in colourful denims and smart formals. The new campaign, designed by DDB Mudra South, is aimed at late university students and early jobbers.

Formal wear as a category has seen a lot of evolution in the last 5-6 years. This evolution is led by the young workforce in the country. Peter England wanted to remain appealing to this target group by a better understanding of the way they interpret office-wear. The challenge was to take their interpretation and give it a slight edge, while still conforming to macro office-wear codes. The line had to take a step forward in letting consumers express themselves. This was the genesis of the Young Formals line.

Kedar Apshankar, COO of Peter England, said, "Formals have always been considered to be boring/conformist by the younger generation. The challenge was to catch their imagination by portraying 'formals' in a new light. This campaign is a significant step in that direction. Denims have a very crowded brand landscape, with multitude brands positioned across various platforms. PE Jeans, in this context, is attempting to carve out its own niche by focusing its offering on meaningful consumer benefits and a communication which provides an inescapable focus on the merchandise and the much needed cut-through in the cluttered advertising space."

Peter England's jeans business has taken a different route in this segment with innovation in the product. The innovation story has been a recurring theme for the brand. The objective of this season was to take the innovation story forward and to bring out the functional features of the product.

Saurabh Doke, Creative Director at DDB Mudra South on PE Jeans, said, "Simplicity and fashion always goes hand in hand. In today's cluttered 'wallpaper fashion advertising', especially where every other denim brand uses the grunge look to showcase denim attitude, the new PE Denim campaign stands out as a perfect balance between product innovations and core brand values."

The campaign was mounted on the insight that today's youth thinks formal wear stands for boring office clothing. Given this context, Peter England wanted to tell them that office wear can also be exciting and expressive. So the campaign idea was simple: 'Brighten up' in office with the new line of 'young formals' from Peter England.  The communication effectively highlights the product while also bringing out an emotional benefit associated with it.

The campaign was executed with appealing non-office colours and off-the-trodden-path ensembles – pink and white chequered socks with a pink shirt and gray suit, work blue jeans with jackets, etc. The campaign was shot with Siddharth, known for his role in 'Rang De Basanti' and several movies in South India, who has been Peter England's brand ambassador for the last three years.

Rajesh Sharma, Vice-President, Strategic Planning, DDB Mudra South, said, "Youngsters these days do not want to conform to existing codes, even if they are early jobbers in workplaces. It's not about 'rebelling' but about the belief in expressing themselves. The Young Formals campaign is a celebration of this spirit. The idea on the PE Jeans campaign is to tie up the product innovation to something deeper and meaningful about the youth of today."

While innovation was the narrative in the denim category, the mother brand 'Peter England' has always been more than just the product, it's about an “emotionality”. The challenge was to do justice to the idea of the mother brand (making an emotional connect), while unequivocally bringing out the product story.

The season's offerings were Oxygeans (which is made by saving up to 80 litres of water on every pair); Neon Jeans (with dual colour, one outside and a different one in the folds) and Sculpted Jeans (jeans that take ones shape).

For both Young Formals and PE Jeans, the print and OOH campaign has been created and released across all major markets in India. In-store visual merchandise have also been created and executed around the same idea.

Sujay Ghosh, Sr. VP, DDB Mudra South, said, "Traditionally, formal wear has been known to be stiff and boring. With this campaign an attempt has been to rejuvenate formal wear, making them lively and lovely, so when you wear them, you feel young and peppy. Jeans is synonymous with youth. Peter England understood this and utilised it as a hook to down-age the mother brand. Add to that the product innovations that make PE Jeans unique and desirable. Again, these are traits today's youth look for, and therefore helping the brand become a youth magnet."

Ajesh N, Creative Director, DDB Mudra South, on Peter England Formals, said, "What one wears has a great influence on one's mood and how one performs in office. Peter England's Young Formals collection reflects the youthful spirit through vibrant colours and young cuts. Clothes that make the work atmosphere lively and brighten you up.  That's precisely what we tried to capture in the campaign."


Client: Peter England

Agency: DDB Mudra South

Chairman & Chief Creative Officer: Sonal Dabral

Office Head: Ranji Cherian, President

Creative Head: Vipul Thakkar, Executive Creative Director

Business Head: Sujay Ghosh, Sr. VP

Account Planning: Rajesh Sharma, VP

Account Management: Tanaya Pandey, Ajai Kumar GN, Rimjhim

For Young Formals:

Creative Director: Ajesh N

Art: Ajesh N, Nikhil Narayanan

Copy: Jitendra Lulla

Photographer: Tarun Khiwal

For PE Jeans:

Creative Director: Saurabh Doke, Karthik Venkat

Art: Vimalkirti Deshmukh, Saurabh Doke

Copy: Devaiah Bopanna, Karthik Venkat

Photographer: Tarun Vishwa