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Cadbury shows gifting as a ‘Celebration’

The campaign, created by Contract Advertising, is more about the real emotions behind gifting, and urges people to spend more time, not money with near and dear ones

Cadbury shows gifting as a ‘Celebration’

The campaign, created by Contract Advertising, is more about the real emotions behind gifting, and urges people to spend more time, not money with near and dear ones

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | November 13, 2013

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Cadbury Celebrations, the premium chocolates from the house of Cadbury, launched an innovative integrated marketing campaign this Diwali to add sweetness to the festive season. With the message asking people to create “Moments made with Love", the key objective of the campaign is to encourage consumers across the country to make an effort and gift their loved ones some quality time which is far more precious than any material gift.

The idea behind the campaign was the realisation that Diwali has changed from being a festival that is all about emotions and relationships to becoming a festival of possessions and acquisitions. Nowadays, the gift exchanges with a heavy price tag make for better Diwalis than moments spent with dear ones.

Since time is one such thing that is most difficult to find in today's busy lifestyle, Cadbury's has decided to put that up for grabs with the purchase of Cadbury Celebrations Rs 750 pack. The purchase of this pack entails the perfect Diwali Gift for your loved ones in denominations of hours – 2 hours, 3 hours or even 9 hours – with redeemable coupons to Coffees/Movie Tickets/Family Outings.

This is an extension of their Diwali campaign 'Moments of Love'. The 60-second TVC opens with a family spending Diwali together. The video captures moments from this celebration, including the pranks, the teasing and the fun of being together during Diwali. While a child plays a prank on his father who is about to light a firecracker, another is seen decorating the house. A young lady shares some moments with her husband as he feeds her sweets while she puts the ‘rangoli’. When the family sits down for dinner they all notice the one empty seat and feel sad about it. Just then, a young lady walks into the house, carrying a box of Cadbury Celebrations for the entire family to share. It is revealed by their reaction and joy that the family was sitting for this girl. As the TVC ends, the fireworks are reflected in the eyes of another girl as she and her friends or cousins sit on the terrace to watch the celebration.

"We wanted to show the preference for Cadbury Celebrations but without pushing it as just another gift. We realised that Diwali this year might be subdued due to inflation and the constant price rise. We decided to tell people to make this Diwali less about extravagance and more about spending some quality time with friends and family. We wanted to put the spotlight back on spending time and creating memories with near and dear ones," explained Rajshekar Patil, Creative Director at Contract Advertising.

Shekhar Banerjee, Senior VP & Head of Pinnacle Madison Media, said, “Reinstating Cadbury Celebrations proposition ‘Made with Love’. This Diwali the attempt was to urge people to ‘Make Some Effort, Gift Some Time…, thus allowing the end consumers to actually connect and experience the brand closely. The idea was to connect with the consumers with a basic life truth: Time today is the most precious gift that you can give your loved ones and the brand wanted to help them realize it. With unique on-ground activations and an extensive digital activity, we received a tremendous response to the campaign."

The campaign has been extended in the digital space and on radio as well. An exclusive contest has been arranged inviting people to write back ways in which they are making an effort to take time out of their busy lives for their families and loved one this Diwali. The winning entries were given the chance to feature in a music video of a special song of Cadbury Celebration.

Amarpreet Anand, Associate Vice-President, Chocolate Gifting & Strategy, Cadbury India, added, "With Cadbury Celebrations, our constant endeavour is to be a part of the consumer’s celebrations – the many traditional festivals and special moments in one's life.  We believe that a really special gift involves a lot of love and care in its making, just like a pack Cadbury Celebrations. Through this campaign, we are encouraging our consumers in a fun and exciting manner to make an effort and spend some quality time with their loved ones.”

The TVC:



Creative Agency: Contract Advertising

Production House: Little Lamp

Account Handling Team: Madison Pinnacle



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