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Zoom refreshes Bollywood News show

The one-hour Planet Bollywood News was unveiled yesterday evening with its new, steamy format

October 10, 2013:

In a Bollywood crazy nation, a constant and almost insatiable craving for some controversial scoops or insider updates on what’s happening in the off-screen lives of stars we worship or even despise, is quite the usual thing. And when it comes to choosing a destination that can be relied upon to fulfil this eternal craving, only the spiciest one can make the cut. With its sensational revelations and tongue-in-cheek commentary, Planet Bollywood News has consistently been the No. 1 choice of viewers.

Acknowledging this support from its loyal fans, the show is taking the next step towards whetting their appetite for Bollywood News with the launch of a new avatar. Starting yesterday, October 9, 2013, Planet Bollywood News began airing one-hour episodes Monday to Friday from 7 PM to 8 PM. It’s a definite promise to ‘hit the spot’ as the show prepares to bring you more in-depth coverage, break more sensational secrets and steamy stories in an hour like no show has done before.

It’s not just the fans of Bollywood, but celebrities too who follow the show closely. Congratulating Zoom and the Planet Bollywood team, Bollywood’s Sonam Kapoor said, “The show is very entertaining and informative. Whether I am in town or out travelling to remote places for shoots, this is one show that always keeps me updated about all that’s happening in the industry.” And it’s not just Sonam who follows this shows for her regular dose of Bollywood, but her grandmother too! “My grandmother hears stuff about me on this show and calls me up to ask whether it really happened or not.”

Sonam graced the launch of the new format yesterday evening.

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