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Raymond unveils the modern side of ‘The Complete Man’

New campaign, developed in-house, promotes the brand’s new Autumn Winter Collection with an extensive print and outdoor campaign

Raymond unveils the modern side of ‘The Complete Man’

New campaign, developed in-house, promotes the brand’s new Autumn Winter Collection with an extensive print and outdoor campaign

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | October 30, 2013

Raymond, the suiting and textile brand, has been a household name for years, thanks to its memorable 'The Complete Man' campaign. Taking that brand thought forward this season, Raymond has launched a new print and outdoor campaign.

"The time is just right to launch a new campaign for Raymond. We are launching our Autumn Winter collection now. Alongwith the festive season, the launch of the collection makes it a perfect time to showcase the other facets of the ‘complete man’ through this campaign," said Mrinmoy Mukherjee, Marketing Director, Raymond.

Mrinmoy Mukherjee

The new Autumn Winter line has been made with special features like UV-resist suiting and machine-washable wool, as well as looks like tweed overcoats and Scottish checks with corduroy. Raymond hopes to set benchmarks in the Indian fashion market with the new range.

The campaign also reflects the international quality of the product. The Raymond Autumn Winter 2013 campaign is conceptualised in terms of imagery at international best-in-class levels, and at the same time trigger new consumption through product innovations, which, in turn, positively reinforces the leadership standing on the product front. It showcases the ‘The Complete Man’ personality – his passions, interests and lifestyle traits which are modern and trendy. While The Complete Man is a strong position, this needs to evolve with the changing times in today’s market.

"We have built the brand around The Complete Man campaign for two decades and would like to leverage this as we go ahead. The new campaign, just like the collection, has been kept contemporary. It shows how the man is complete within himself also. Previously our campaigns have all been sentimental and had shown the complete man's relationship with family, teachers, spouses, etc. This time the man's relationship with himself is the focus," added Mukherjee.

The campaign was shot at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), a symbol of progress in business and economic development. The modern architecture and backdrops provide the ideal setting for TCM where he sets new landmarks.

The outdoor and print campaign has been shot by Mazen Abusrour, the high-profile fashion photographer based in Dubai. Mazen has worked along with the Raymond team and brought in his unique style through his lens-work and colour-play.

Several screen shots have been made. One outdoor campaign is about the complete man who drives because he loves the experience. The settings are aspirational and feature super-premium Raymond suiting fabrics with unique benefits. It is called the 'Drive for Passion' shot. The 'Bikes for Joy' shot shows a man riding a bicycle for the sheer joy of it. It is cool, eco-friendly and progressive. Featured are fashionable garments that add to the comfort. The final shot showcases 'Walks with the World' as a man carrying his success lightly, he moves around without airs. Featured are innovations in worsted suitings that reinforce the brand’s leadership standing.

Adding to this there will be a radio activity. The radio campaign to be termed ‘Raymond - Bike for Joy’ is starting this week with Radio City in six cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore. The RJ will be speaking about the Raymond ad that he saw, in which the model is effortlessly biking around, and how it rekindled his interest in going around on a bicycle, expeditions, etc., how we connect with the world around us, our own youth. People would be encouraged to write in with their first-time-on-a-bike stories, or how they taught cycling to their kids.

After the Bike for Joy radio campaign, there will a ‘rides’ or passion activation through contests. Selected winners would be brought to Mumbai and ridden around on a T-Rex.

In the digital space, the over 1 million Facebook fans and 400,000 Twitter followers of Raymond will also be used to promote the new collection. Visual touch points across the 700 plus stores in 300 plus cities will add the final touches to the campaign.

The Print Ads:

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