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Living life to the full in a Stingray

The two TVCs, designed by Dentsu Creative Impact, showcase how the new car is the 'everything' car for Gen-Now

Living life to the full in a Stingray

The two TVCs, designed by Dentsu Creative Impact, showcase how the new car is the 'everything' car for Gen-Now

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | October 8, 2013

Click on the link to watch the TVC.

Maruti Suzuki recently launched Wagon R Stingray, a premium level car targeted at the youth and loaded with an array of stylish features to draw them in. However, the Stingray campaign, conceptualised by Dentsu Creative Impact, doesn't showcase the features; instead, it takes an altogether different route to attract the young generation – by focusing on their life.

Dentsu's approach started with an understanding of the target audience. The youth today is experimental, exploratory, have no fear of failure, are impatient and love being in the spotlight. They believe in the now and want to live life to the fullest, not missing out on anything. In a nutshell, they want ‘everything’ from life.

Thomas Cheriyan, AGM (Marketing), Maruti Suzuki India, said, "Maruti being the leader in the automobile industry caters to a wide range of customers cutting across various markets and segments. With the launch of the Stingray, which is a stylish, premium offering, we wanted to target the younger audience while retaining the core values of Maruti. The campaign has also been made accordingly, showcasing how the car fits into the life of today’s youth – work, personal life, friends, family, etc."

Two TVCs with the same thought have been created for this campaign. Both the films showcase how the Stingray plays many roles in the life of a youngster – it is his café, his disco, his wardrobe, his workstation, his shack and so on. The film follows different youngsters, with their friends, with colleagues and so on, living their entire life from the car. With a fun, peppy track that adds lot of energy to the film, the film packs in a youngster’s life and the role of his car in it, captured in the culminating line of the film, “Presenting Stingray, Everything about me packed into one. Stingray. My thing. Everything!”

Different everyday scenarios are used to showcase what the Stingray can mean to different people. While it can be a 'wardrobe' for someone who is changing in the car, it is a 'love nest' for someone spending time with his boyfriend; a 'disco' for people who enjoy music, a 'cafe' for those who want to grab a bite while driving. It is a 'library' for those who read, a 'workstation' for the set of people who will share office news and powerpoint presentations while travelling. It is one car which changes its role with every person.

Harish Arora, National Creatie Director, Dentsu Creative Impact, said, “Pick any youth today and just peek into his car… you will find pizza boxes, cans, ties, shirts, shoes inside. Simply put, the youth today practically live out of their cars – the car is more than just a mode of transport, it’s their world. Our idea was to take this insight to the next level and hence the idea 'My thing. Everything.’ We wanted our TG to see the TVC and relate with the various situations as each of them is a slice of his life."

A youngster's car is his whole world. He gets ready before a party, he goes for long drives, it is his cosy place to spend time with someone special, it is where he probably eats his quick lunch etc. “We are talking to the ‘everything generation’. And the one partner for them in everything they do are their cars. With Stingray being designed keeping the youth in mind, we brought it alive through the idea of ‘everything about me packed in one’,” pointed out Amit Wadhwa, Branch Head, Dentsu Creative Impact.

Basing on this understanding, Dentsu developed the campaign thought of ‘My thing. Everything’, showing how the Stingray is a car packed with many features and finds its place in a youngster’s life by giving him the opportunity to enjoy his life to the fullest.

The TVCs:




Creative Agency: Dentsu Creative Impact

National Creative Director: Harish Arora

Executive Creative Director: Manavjit Mohil

Account Management: Amit Wadhwa, Megha Jain Sadhwani, Nevin Joseph

Planning: Kartikeya Srivastava, Krittika Chakarborty, Aanchal Sachdeva

Art Directors: Shekhar Kumar, Daljeet Singh, Sourabh Ahuja, Ram Shah

Copywriters: Jerin George, Devdas Nair, Piyush Gupta

Film Director: Marlon Rodrigues

Production House: White Onion

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