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With Dulux Weathershield Max, it is ‘Door se sundar, kareeb se solid’

Conceptualised by the Dentsu Marcom-Taproot team, the two TVCs show how things can look beautiful from afar, but the real story can be quite different up close

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | August 23, 2013

Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Dulux has launched a new campaign to promote its exterior product, Dulux Weathershield Max. The campaign which is titled, ‘Door se sundar, kareeb se solid’, features a set of  two TVCs which went on air on August 20. The campaign, conceptualised by the Dentsu Marcom-Taproot alliance, drives home the point that just looking good is not the only thing that is looked for in a house. The durability and protection of exterior walls against harsh weather conditions provided by Dulux Weathershield Max is just as important, if not more.

The first TVC features a couple entering a house to greet an old lady, or ‘Nani’, who seems to be praying in a corner. However, upon walking close to her, they realise that she is not praying but cursing people under her breath.

The second TVC also has a funny undertone. It shows a baby playing in the garden when a couple walks in and remarks that the baby is adorable. The lady picks up the baby to kiss her, but the 'cute' baby turns out to be naughty and bites the lady on her nose!.

Agnello Dias, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Taproot India, said, “Everything looks good from a distance and this is true of most things in life. Even when it comes to exterior paints, the same rule applies. The acid test for any paint lies not in how it makes the house look from afar, but how well it fares when you get closer. We applied this insight to how Dulux Weathershield Max works and that's how the idea came about.”

Both TVCs end with the voiceover declaring that many things look pretty from afar but upon closer inspection, would appear to be not so. Just like houses that can look beautiful from far but probably have cracks if you look closely.

Rajiv Rajgopal, Director – Sales & Marketing, Decorative Paints, Akzo Nobel India, said, “Dulux is a name synonymous with colour as well as innovative products that ensure longevity and durability of the walls of your home. Dulux Weathershield Max is our flagship product in the performance and protection space and the latest campaign ‘Door se sundar, kareeb se solid’ hits hard on the need for a product that not just renews the exterior walls, but also offers performance superiority against harsh weather conditions. The campaign weaves in the core philosophies and innovation that is unique to our brand. We have tried to resolve the most common conflict of ‘what appears good from far versus what is good when seen up close’ when it comes to the beauty and protection of the walls of your home. The concept of the TVC perfectly embodies the need for a technologically superior product that gives consumers the confidence to get up, close and personal to their house.”

Rohit Ohri, Chairman, Dentsu India Group, commented, “As communication partners, the challenge before us was to disrupt current consumer behaviour in the exterior paints category with an insightful and hard-hitting campaign. Our brand idea of 'How close are you to your home?' challenges consumers to re-evaluate their current choices and take a closer look when it comes to painting the exterior of their homes.”

The films, of 35 seconds duration each, will be aired in Hindi as well as three other regional languages – Malayalam, Tamil and Bengali. Both the TVCs follow a classic twist in the tale by drawing parallels between two separate situations that compel consumers to take a closer look at their homes.

The TVCs:




Creative Agency: Dentsu Marcom - Taproot India

Executive Creative Director: Agnello Dias

Copywriters: Pallavi Chakravarti

Executive Business Director: Harjot Singh Narang

VP & Client Services Director: Abhinav Kaushik

TVC Director: Rajesh Krishnan

Producer: Ameya Dahibavkar

Music Director: Amar Mangrulkar

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