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Tata Tea gives ‘Power of 49’ wake-up call to politicians

Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, the ‘Power of 49' campaign, an extension of the brand’s ‘Jago Re’ campaigns, aims to make people aware of a simple statistic – that women constitute 49 per cent of the vote-bank – and they can make and break politicians and governments

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | August 30, 2013

Click on the image to watch the TVC.

‘Jaago Re’ has become synonymous with awakening. Over the years, the Tata Tea Gold campaign has been involved in awakening minds. It’s time once again to open minds and Tata Tea Gold has come out with a new campaign – Power of 49 – aimed at awakening the nation to yet another important issue – women empowerment. The 39-second TVC has been designed by Lowe Lintas.

The idea behind the campaign was to portray the increasing but often neglected importance of women. While the problems women face are increasing every day, it cannot be ignored that they make an almost equal percentage of the voter base. Though women constitute 49 per cent of the voter base in our country, most of them are unaware of this fact and the power it connotes. Tata Tea Gold’s new campaign aims to educate women and the rest of the country about this statistic and show them the impact it could have.

The TVC opens with a woman asking her politician husband if he is going to ignore her now that elections are drawing close. She then asks him to make a cup of tea for her, which he does. While the tea leaves open up in the steaming kettle, the woman asks whether her husband's mind has opened up as well. She explains that while he can ignore her, he should not ignore the 49 per cent of the vote bank that women constitute. If they can make a government, they can also be the reason for its removal.

The campaign has been designed as a call to women to come together and unite to show the nation the power of 49 per cent. As the long leaves of the tea open up in the boiling water, the campaign tells women to open their minds to their power.

Amer Jaleel, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas, said, “Given the times we live in today, it is absolutely necessary for us to empower women. It is imperative that the world is told that women must not be treated the way they are, that they are a force to reckon with; especially politicians and governance both which can do so much more to better the way things are for women in India, but aren't doing much.”

The campaign is well timed since the elections are approaching and will work as a reminder to both women to be aware of their power and the government that women cannot be ignored if they wish to hold positions in the governance of the country.

Jaleel further said, “This is what we set out to achieve with this campaign, by trying to open everybody's eyes, including those of women of course, with a simple but powerful statistic people are ignorant about - a massive 49 per cent of India's votes come from women. This means they are truly powerful; they can vote and make or break a government. They can bring to power a government which genuinely works for their betterment, or in the least, governments might just start taking women seriously by wooing this massive 'vote-bank' as they typically do by working in the interest of women, for the simple classic motive of winning at the elections. So, certainly do not ignore the Indian woman Mr Politician. It's time for you to wake up to real power – the Power of 49 per cent.”

Apart from the traditional media of advertising, Tata Tea Gold also partnered with the IIFA Awards 2013 for the Power of 49 campaign. Celebrities like Shabana Azmi, Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan gave powerful messages telling people at large about the Power of 49, therefore lending the power, reach and effectiveness of Bollywood and its stars to make this important message known.

Tata Tea's earlier campaigns had been a wake-up call on different issues, such as awakening the nation to the need to vote for the right candidate, raising a voice against corruption and, more recently, biases against women.

The TVC:



Creative Agency: Lowe Lintas

Creative Team: Amer Jaleel, Ateet Shroff, Keegan Pinto, Nitin Sawant, Shahvan Kaikobad, Sonal Mishra, Rushita Bhatadye

Business: GV Krishnan, Ayyappan Raj, Kunal Madhavdas, Rumi Ambastha, Kshitij Mehra

Account Planning: Vikram Satyanath, Russell John

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